3 Questions To Ask A Guy To Make Him Feel Deeply Attached To You

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3 Important Relationship Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Before Falling In Love


When you first meet and start dating a man you feel a strong attraction to, you have lots of questions to ask him right off the bat in order to figure out what he's looking for, if the two of you are compatible, and if he’s a guy you can see yourself falling in love with and being in a committed relationship with over the course of time.

These are good questions to ask yourself, of course, but don't forget that there are some great questions to ask your boyfriend that won't only help you figure such things out, but will also make him feel even more deeply attached to you than he is already beginning to.


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With that now in mind, you may be wondering what makes a guy feel deeply attached to you, and what the other questions are that you should be asking him.

Here are three important relationship questions to ask your boyfriend (and make him fall even more deeply in love with you).

1. Are you serious?

This question may surprise you, however, men become deeply attached when they can feel your vulnerability. You might be afraid to show it to him, but I assure you that it works.

This is something you should ask him in a playful and inviting way, and it's not a question to ask him on the first date. You need to build a connection first. Once you do, though, it will open up his mind to new ways of looking at you and your relationship.

Asking if he's serious sends a clear signal that you’re considering being serious about him. This opens his mind up to possibilities, and merely asking him this question (if his answer if yes, of course) will get him thinking about you and your relationship in quite a serious way.

This is an important first step in how a man becomes deeply attached. He has to be considering the possibility of being in a serious relationship with you in order to make it real.


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2. Can you help me?

It’s important to understand the psychology of a man. Most operate by this one simple principle — when they like you, they want to make your life better.

They are literally looking for ways to do this on a regular basis, and the simplest way for you to help him make that happen is to ask him this simple question: "Can you help me?"

Can you please help me fix my car? Can you help me carry these groceries? Can you help me move this furniture?

Frankly, it doesn’t matter what you specifically ask him to help you with. Think of anything that would be helpful to you at all, and ask.

Being 100 percent independent and doing everything by and for yourself is highly overrated for men and women alike.

If you want a man to become deeply attached to you, give him something he can do for you.

Remember, a good man wants to make your life better. He’s literally looking for things to do for you. One of the greatest gifts you can give him to get him moving in the right direction is asking him to help you.

Try it. It works.


3. What do you think?

This is probably the most powerful question you can ask a man. It’s subtle, and while you may not realize it, to a man, it means that you respect him.

When you ask him for his thoughts, ideas, and suggestions you are creating a deep attachment signal in him. Men are attracted to women who respect them, and when you understand how to use this simple question, you will see him begin bending over backward to become more and more a part of your life.

And the beautiful thing is that he won’t even know why! He’ll just know that he really likes you and wants to make sure he keeps you.

Asking him if he’s serious in a playful and inviting way, opens a man's mind up to looking at you and your relationship in a more meaningful way.

Asking him to help you offers him a clear way to make your life better. This is a big attachment trigger for him, and it will get him moving in the right direction.

Asking him what he thinks creates a powerful connection for a man, as it signals to him that you respect him, and this is a how men often unknowingly fall in love.

"Are you serious?"

"Can you help me?"

"What do you think?"

Asking a guy these three key relationship questions allows him the assurances he needs to become deeply attached to you — and to want to be with you for a lifetime.


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