The Weird Thing Your Favorite Cuddling Position Reveals About Your Relationship

Are you the big spoon or the little spoon?

The Weird Thing Your Favorite Cuddling Position Reveals About Your Relationship Getty Images

When I’m ready to snooze, I lay on my stomach. But I don’t stay in that position for long. I switch to my side, then lay on my back, which is how I fall asleep like a baby. 

Where does my boo fit into all this movement? He’s by my side, tossing and turning like he does every night. We do cuddle before bed, but it’s tough being the little spoon when he’s wrestling with sleep. Plus, my delicate sleeping positions process can't be disturbed.


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But should it be? According to a study conducted for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, our favorite sleeping and cuddling positions, and the distance apart we sleep from our partner, provide insight into our relationship.

See what these five cuddling positions say about your relationship: 

1. Sleeping on opposite ends of the bed

You’re in one corner, and he’s in the other. No biggie, right? Wrong! That physical distance could mean you feel an emotional distance from your partner.

Think about it: this sleeping position is common when you argue with your partner and fall asleep angry. You want to be as far away from him as possible. So if this is how you sleep regularly, you might be headed for a breakup. 


2. Sleeping butt-to-butt

Boo and I sometimes sleep this way — and not just because I have a big booty. According to the study, sleeping butt-to-butt means that you and your lover are free spirits. Although you are both independent, you trust each other to come together when it counts.

It could also mean that you are sexually connected. Even while sleeping, you’re committed to your guy and you want to get freaky with him!

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3. Sleeping as the big spoon

If you’re used to wrapping up your man in your arms, that means you’re a nurturer and possibly a bit overprotective. In extreme cases, female big spoons can be possessive and super jealous. You’re holding on to him tightly so he doesn’t run away in the middle of the night! 


4. Sleeping as the little spoon

Most women are the little spoon because they're typically the smaller of the pair. This means your man is affectionate and comfortable with intimacy. This position is also easy to access. When morning wood calls, your guy might be tempted to poke you in your sleep. So prepare! 

5. Cuddling face-to-face and all up in your space

So, this position is super uncomfortable. Your arm is under his arm. Your back is twisted. His leg is on top of your leg. By morning, you hurt all over, because you’re not a pretzel. Still, sleeping face-to-face and wrapped up in his arms indicates that you have a very loving relationship.

I recommend starting off the night this way. When it’s time to sleep, do your thing. That quality cuddle time will tighten your bond, but separating when it’s time to snooze will keep you young. 


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