What Strong Women Must Know About Loving An Alpha Man

Alpha male and Alpha female relationships can be tough — but so worth it.

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Can two alphas in a relationship make things work?

Well, when an Alpha man meets an Alpha woman the initial attraction is spellbinding. They can't get enough of each other.

Alpha males love Alpha females — in fact, they're each other's only true life partners.

Mentally they are in line with each other. Emotionally ... check. Physically ... off the charts!

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Yet even with all this going for them, Alpha males typically do not marry Alpha females.

Here are 3 reasons why Alpha male and Alpha female relationships can be tough.

1. Alphas want to lead.

The biggest challenge Alpha/Alpha relationships face is deciding who is going to lead. For an Alpha guy, there can be only one answer to this question — and the answer is him.

If you want to argue about who makes better decisions, you'll find yourself in a losing argument. Alpha men simply will not follow your lead, period.

Alpha women tell me all the time "James, I'm OK with that. I want a strong man." They mean it when they say it — until they butt heads and he wants to tell her what the "right" thing is to do. Then, suddenly, we have a problem ...


2. He loves you, but he will never love you more than he loves himself.

Other men may put you on a lofty pedestal high above themselves. Alpha men will love you, but never more than they love themselves.

If you try to outscore them mentally, physically, or emotionally, you'll find a man who doesn't want to play along. An Alpha man is individualized and actualized — just like you are.

There will be no games played.

3. It's nature's way.

In nature, when two Alphas meet they fight for dominance. In a relationship between an Alpha man and an Alpha woman, the most common fighting ground is mental.

Alphas of all genders are extremely intelligent, which means that Alpha guys have the same exact problem you do. They know what they want and they are willing to do anything to get it.


Mental arguments get exhausting for everyone. Alpha men often choose a less complex woman simply so they can focus on what they're doing in the world without competing to outwit or out-achieve their own partner.

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Can Alpha men and Alpha women be together? Absolutely.

Do Alpha men typically choose Alpha women for the long-term? No.

As I said in the beginning, there's only one small problem: Who's going to lead? If you can figure out how to navigate this one question within your relationship, your Alpha man will remain mesmerized by you for a lifetime.​

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

Alpha males look for a woman who is not entirely alpha but not meek either. They want a perfect balance of being able to do things on their own, while also needing them the alpha male to help out.


A woman who is confident in herself but knows her limits and will ask for help is someone an alpha male looks for.

How do you deal with other Alphas?

meditation is actually the best way to deal with difficult situations. It keeps you calm and in line with yourself, rather than worrying about the other alpha. It can also help with the power struggle by stepping back to breathe.

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