Flirting With Strangers: 3 Ways To Break The Ice

Flirting With Strangers: 3 Ways To Break The Ice [EXPERT]

Sparking up a conversation with a stranger can be scary and just plain awkward, especially if that stranger is attractive. Think about it… How many potential introductions have you missed or blown because you are unsure of how to approach someone that you are interested in getting to know?

Surprisingly it's a common issue that single men and women deal with on a daily basis. No matter how social or confident you are in your social circles, there may be times where you find it hard to start those conversations. So how do you get over this?

The first thing that you should never forget is that we are all connected through our emotions. No matter what type of vibe that stranger is giving off, you can always find vulnerability through their emotions and use it as a way to make that connection. Single? Why Men May Ignore You

You want to observe your target and make mental notes of their actions and the venue. This will give you a good idea on how to start the conversation.

Make sure you listen and make sure your statements and questions are relevant to the topic. If the conversation hits a subject that you are not familiar with, you can keep it going by asking questions. The worst thing you can do is fake it. Keep the conversation genuine and authentic or you will run the risk of turning them off. The Art Of Flirting: 8 Tips To Know

Once you find your "in", you can use these three openers to start and keep the conversation going.

1. Local Events/Location. This plays to your target's sense of community. Always take notice to your surroundings, local news and events that are going on in your current city. Depending on where you are, this could be festivals, sporting events, and grand openings… whatever.

For example, this one works very well in Chicago: "Excuse me, I have a quick question for you. Cubs or Sox?"

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