Why The 'Kunyaza' Method Makes 90 Percent Of Women Squirt With Mind-Blowing Orgasms

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Squirting is a juicy topic shrouded by much misinformation.

In fact, female ejaculation remains a hotly debated issue in Western culture, whereas in Rwanda most women squirt with delight due to Kunyaza — a centuries-old practice for gushing pleasure!

What is female ejaculation? And what is squirting?

Female ejaculation refers to a small emission of fluid from a woman’s urethra during sexual stimulation.

Squirting refers to the large emission of fluid from a woman’s urethra during sexual stimulation.

Squirting is a form of female ejaculation. In Rwanda, female ejaculate is known as "the water."

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The traditional Kunyaza method explained.

Kunyaza is a sexual practice to facilitate female orgasm and squirting with a male partner.

The non-penetrative practice involves a man using his erect penis to strike, rub, and tap the clitoris and labia of a woman.

Originally from Rwanda, Kunyaza has been practiced for hundreds of years in East African countries like Uganda and Kenya.

In traditional African cultures, women’s pleasure comes first and men are expected to help women "find the water" (i.e., squirt) with the Kunyaza technique!

The story of Kunyaza.

According to Rwandan legend, Kunyaza originated with an ancient queen who summoned one of her male guards to make love to her whilst her husband was away on a military expedition.

The guard was petrified and trembled with fear.

He held his manhood as he approached her and began to shake uncontrollably as his penis repeatedly struck her clitoris, which caused intense pleasure, resulting in a huge gush of "water."

The water was so copious that it formed one of the great lakes of East Africa.

When the king returned, the queen asked her husband to perform the striking motion on her clitoris. The clit-striking motion became known as the Kunyaza technique.

Can every woman squirt?

Every woman is capable of squirting, but not every woman squirts.

In Rwanda, it is common for women to have squirting orgasms during sex. Rwandan sexologist Vestine Dusabe said 90 percent of women in Rwanda produce the water when intimate.

Traditionally, African culture empowers women to accept their bodies and find the water, as evident in a recent BBC documentary exploring Rwandan women’s attitudes towards squirting and female pleasure.

"Can all women make water?"

"Yes, all women can make water if a man does it right."

"If I have sex with a man and he doesn’t make me squirt, I’ll throw him under the bed."

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Can women really squirt with Kunyaza?

Yes, but it requires patience and practice.

Providing that the woman is in a relaxed state of mind and the man has good technique, the Kunyaza striking will cause her to climax and release the water!

American sex expert Angelica Lindsey-Ali said that 95 percent of her students report female ejaculation from the African practice.

"Kunyaza has been extremely effective, even for women who thought they’d never be able to ejaculate," she says.

"If I have taught the technique to 100 (female) students, roughly, I would say 95 of them are able to achieve female ejaculation by using Kunyaza. This is of course, based on self-reporting."

If you're a woman, this is how you can squirt with Kunzaya.

1. Let go of your inhibitions.

Give yourself permission to experience the pleasure.

2. Be present.

Practice mindfulness.

3. Relax.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to squirt.

4. Welcome the sensation.

Push out when you feel the sensation to squirt. It’s the same feeling when you want to pee.

5. Focus on yourself.

Concentrate on your pleasure.

If you're practicing Kunzaya on a partner, here's what you need to do.

1. Be patient.

It takes time to get the hang of this technique.

2. Focus on her.

Concentrate on clitoral stimulation.

3. Know what she likes.

And if you don't, ask her what turns her on.

4. Don't rush.

Tease her and practice edging.

5. Get familiar with her body.

Stimulate her G-spot with your fingers.

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Habeeb Akande is a sex educator, YourTango Expert, and author of Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure. Habeeb runs intimacy workshops on sexual well-being and was featured in a BBC documentary exploring female sexual pleasure. For more information on how to have (or give) female orgasms, follow him on Twitter @Habeeb_Akande.