10 Types Of Female Orgasms You Could Be Missing Out On!

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It seems the more you learn about female orgasms, the less you really know. There are a multitude of various orgasms that you may not even know about — or have ever experienced.

Female orgasms have often been called la petite mort or “little death." However, there's nothing limited or meager about female orgasms.

In fact, orgasms can come in a wide variety of incarnations and sensations on almost any part of the body, from quick contraction and release, sneeze-type orgasms, to more expansive, full-body "big Os” and "super" orgasms, to mind-altering, out-of-body experiences.

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Pioneer sexologist and former porn star Annie Sprinkle had it right when she said, "Orgasms are like grains of sand, in that no two are alike." If she is right (and I think she is), that means that the potential for female orgasms is unlimited!

Here are the top 10 female orgasms you could be missing out on.

1. Clitoral orgasms.

You know this type of orgasm. But did you know that the clitoris is the only organ created exclusively for pleasure? The glans is packed full of 8,000 nerves which make it extra-sensitive to touch. That’s double the nerve endings in the glans of a penis, by the way.

The clitoris is way bigger than you might think, as well. It is close to four inches in length, and three-quarters of it is hidden from view within a female’s body. It’s like a buried treasure beneath the skin just waiting to be unearthed.

A clitoral orgasm can cause anywhere between three to 16 contractions and can last from 10 to 30 seconds. The clitoris is a part of the "Female Erectile Network" (or “FEN”), which includes the urethral sponge, or G-spot.

Incidentally, the word “clitoris” comes from the Greek word for “key.” As in, unlocking the key to your orgasmic pleasure. That's why deeper understanding of your clitoris may just unlock your orgasmic superpowers forever!

Feels good? Do it!

2. Vaginal orgasms.

For many of us, this type of orgasm remains elusive. That's because most women (50-75 percent) can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone.

In fact, when vaginal orgasms do happen, they light up a different part of the brain than clitoral orgasms, according to studies conducted on women masturbating in an (fMRI) machine.

So, intercourse via vaginal penetration is just not hitting that sweet spot inside of us that activates the internal clitoris. Most of the time, that is.

However, another researcher found that part of the vagina (where the G-spot zone is located) is inextricably linked with the internal parts of the clitoris. Thus, “vaginal” orgasms could actually be clitoral orgasms by another name.

So, there is hope for those of us who still enjoy penetration.

3. G-spot orgasms.

This is the type of orgasm many women yearn for.

The G-spot is an orgasmic erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina and is made up of the urethral sponge and Female Erectile Network. It swells upon arousal, and G-spot orgasms are said to be more intense, longer-lasting, and more full-bodied than clitoral orgasms.

Hitting the G-spot can also result in female ejaculation or "squirting."

And, no, female ejaculate is not pee. Analysis of female ejaculate has shown that it is distinct from urine and contains high levels of the enzyme prostatic acid phosphatase (PSA), glucose, and fructose (all found in the prostate fluid of semen).

Sounds rather sweet!

4. Cervical orgasms.

Many women don't even know this type of orgasm is possible. The cervix itself, lies at the very back of the vagina, past the G-spot. It's the entrance to a woman’s uterus and protrudes into the vagina like a rounded button resembling the head of a penis.

Cervical orgasms have been described as deeper, full-bodied, expanded orgasms, like an ecstatic tingling experience or “a shower of stars.”

While clitoral orgasms have a quick peak and release, G-spot and cervical orgasm come in waves of bliss, with a pleasurable sensation that can last for hours. Some women say that cervical orgasms are almost "spiritual" in nature.

5. U-spot orgasms.

This tiny orgasmic spot is just above your urethral opening but is often neglected, poor thing. The U-spot is a highly sensitive erogenous zone that can create strong orgasms and also takes part in female ejaculation.

It is located in the vulva, just above the vagina and below the clitoris, surrounding the urethra opening (above and to either side) like an upside-down "U." It is a highly-sensitive bundle of nerves, as well as erectile tissue that can feel extremely erotic when stimulated.

The best way to turn on your U-spot is via oral sex, as you get your partner to lick it softly like an ice-cream cone.

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6. Anal orgasms.

This type of orgasm is on people's bucket list more and more. Why? The anus opening and anal canal are distinct erogenous zones on their own, rich in nerve endings and super-sensitive to stimulation and penetration.

The "rosebud," or anal opening enjoys soft sensual massage with lots of lubricant. The anus itself should be penetrated very slowly, based on the receiver’s preference.

Stimulation of the anus, perineum, and rectum can engage the pelvic and pudendal nerves, which are implicated in the orgasmic response.

7. Throat-gasms.

This type of orgasm is a bit strange, I'll admit. But reportedly, women can experience an oral or throat orgasm during oral sex on a penis, particularly when they are deep-throating while giving a blow job (a dildo also works).

The throat is connected to the vagus nerve, cervix, and uterus, according to orgasm researchers Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk, which can trigger orgasms.

Singing or emitting powerful sounds can apparently sometimes “lead to longer-lasting, powerful orgasms and even female ejaculation.”

That's why moaning and making lots of sounds during sex or solo pleasure is a good thing. It increases your orgasmic potential and helps to move the orgasmic energy throughout the body.

Full-body orgasms? Yes, please!

And, get this: The mouth and throat are highly-sensitive erogenous zones that contain more nerve endings than the vagina.

8. Nipplegasms.

This type of orgasm is luscious and sensual. A nipplegasm is an orgasm that results from nipple stimulation. Approximately 29 percent of women have said they experience these types of orgasms.

Studies done with brain imaging (fMRI) machines now prove that the same part of the brain, known as the “genital sensory cortex,” lights up when the nipples are stimulated, the exact same area that lights up when the clitoris and vagina are stimulated.

So, the nipples and breasts like the genitals can be highly orgasmic.

Sucking on the nipples releases the “love hormone” oxytocin, which is responsible for producing contractions in the uterus, and can produce orgasms. It is also the feel-good-after-sex hormone that makes you all dreamy and lovey-dovey.

9. Body-gasms.

These types of orgasm can seem mythical, until you actually experience them.

Expanded or full-body orgasms are those that are not localized to just the genital region, but can spread all over the body. This can happen when multiple erogenous zones are stimulated simultaneously, such as a combination orgasm with the clitoris and G-spot.

These type of orgasms can lead to multiple orgasms, and "super orgasms" (continuous or long-lasting orgasms). Energy orgasms can also spread through the entire body, as well.

Super-orgasmic women may be less inhibited, very in-tune with their own body, and be more easily aroused, which may contribute to their sexual arousal, thus increasing their orgasmic potential. If that’s the case, becoming multi- or super-orgasmic is something that can be learned.

10. Mindgasms.

This type of orgasm seems a bit "out there," as in out-of-body experience. Mindgasms, also called breath and energy orgasms, are a type of full-body orgasm that may begin in the genitals, but then the raw sexual energy is channeled up the chakras and throughout the body.

Both men and women can experience full-body, breath, and energy orgasms, and it requires no direct stimulation of the genitals. Yes, that means hands-free. It can be a sexual experience, a very spiritual and enlightening experience, or both.

This type of amazing orgasm has been described as feeling like waves of ecstatic, electric energy coursing through your entire body and making you tingle all over. They can last much longer than ordinary orgasms, even hours, with the after-glow effects lasting even days.

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