What Does A Female Orgasm Feel Like? 20 Women Share Their Candid Descriptions

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what does a female orgasm feel like

There’s no denying that female orgasms are mysterious. They are complex and complicated and, well... unpredictable.

According to Psychology Today, females only reach an orgasmic state 50 to 75 percent of the time. But when women do climax, it is an amazing and, for many, life changing experience.

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So what does a female orgasm feel like? We asked 20 women and this is what they had to say.

1. "It feels like thoughtless bliss. An amazing release of stress and energy."

2. "It's an intense burst, like one giant firework of pleasure, all externally focused on my clitoris."

3. "It is the building of (good) pressure from within that radiates throughout the body, almost like a feeling of your body being 'full,' followed by a release that leaves your body pretty relaxed, as if all the tension and stress you carry in your body and mind disappears and you can't help but smile about it."

4. "It starts as a tingling in my extremities and gradually rushes toward my vagina and makes it pulse."



5. "My whole body just tightens and a tingle runs all over. It’s like an internal build up that’s waiting to explode. Toes curl and you just want to go deeper and harder for the sensation. The explosion comes with sweat and it’s like I lose focus and time stops. Literally. I have no idea (or care) what’s going on around me when I’m in that moment. Then, when it’s over, I’m a limp noodle who wants to just lay there."

6. "It is a slow build to an eruption — I experience female ejaculation — and release. It can be very intense for me, so I do need a small break between orgasms. Usually that is when I might shift the focus on my husband. Interestingly, when I masturbate manually I don't have the same type of orgasm as I do when I am with my husband or use a vibrator."

7. "My orgasms begin with a sense of fullness, like I have to urinate but can’t. Then there is a wave of warmth which takes over my body followed by tightness and tenseness. (My vagina contracts like a vice.) And then, when I release, my clitoris throbs and my whole body shakes before melting into whatever surface I am on."

8. "It feels like a hot wave that kind of starts at my toes and moves up my body and everywhere all at once. Every muscle clenches and I feel like I just need something more, like I'm reaching for something I can't quite grab hold of, until I finally do and the release is like falling over a cliff."

9. "It feels like the best spasms ever, which is stupidly clinical but true. Like bubbles forming and popping really hard, over and over, for about thirty seconds."

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10. "What does a female orgasm feel like? It feels like laughing that starts in my toes and courses through my whole body until the laugh comes out my mouth. Tingling in my insides, all the way through the tips of my fingers. Pure joy!"

11. "It can feel different depending on so many things. Sometimes it is a warm wave that washes over your whole body. Sometimes it is intense and what I imagine it would be like to be struck by lightning, and other times it is having every muscle in your body contract as hard as it can and let even cell of you relaxes."

12. "When I begin to orgasm, a tingling, tight feeling takes over and I start to feel tension throughout my body. My nipples tighten and throb and then, when it hits me, everything releases and I jerk upward and can't contain a sharp moan. I also feel a flush of wetness and a rhythmic throbbing centered around my clitoris."

13. "My entire body is covered in goosebumps and I feel shivers coming in waves up my spine. My nipples tighten and I can't control my hips, thrusting them involuntarily into my partner's groin."

14. "I’ve had many an orgasm and not all are created equal, but the core feeling is always the same: it’s an all-encompassing body high that makes just about every single muscle in your body tingle and tighten before you feel this visceral release. The more intense the release, the more intense the orgasm."

15. "An orgasm is like being tickled all over — not annoying-tickled, more like feather on the inside of your forearm tickled) while simultaneously feeling the excitement of remembering where you lost that expensive pair of sunglasses and being told you got that dream job you've been wanting — all while dropping from the highest point of the world's tallest roller coaster."

16. "I would describe an orgasm as a warm, tingly muscle spasm that sends electric shocks all over my body. Right after the muscle spasm, my body feels like jello and I feel very calm and relaxed."

17. "The best way I can describe it is like a volcanic eruption. There is pressure and then a sudden rush of fluids and relief."

18. "It's like having a sneeze that won’t come out. Your whole body freezes up and then when you finally orgasm, it's such a relief."

19. "You know how good it feels to finally scratch a mosquito bite that really, really itches? And then you don't want to stop? It's like that but it doesn't leave ugly, red marks all over your body."

20. "It's like 10 seconds of just... bliss. It's honestly a shame the feeling doesn't last longer but I suppose that's what makes it special."

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