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About Habeeb Akande

Habeeb Akande is a UK-based sex educator, sex and intimacy expert, and relationship writer. He's authored several books on sexology, the art of seduction and an ancient African practice for pleasuring women. He is passionate about female sensuality and aims to close the gender orgasm gap so that couples can experience a fulfilling sexual experience. 

As a male sex and intimacy coach, he helps men and women cultivate a loving sensual connection with their partner. He help women experience orgasmic pleasure and men satisfy women. In a frank and honest manner, he also helps people overcome common sexual problems such as performance anxiety for men and the inability to orgasm for women. Over the past 10 years, he has run intimacy workshops, participated in panel discussions and given seminar presentations around the world about intimacy, desire and eroticism. His coaching style is direct, practical and effective for sexual satisfaction. His coaching does not involve nudity or physical touch.

Akande has gained invaluable experience working with men and women from different cultural backgrounds who are seeking sexual contentment with or without a partner. He believes honest and effective communication between the genders is essential to deal with any issue in the bedroom. 

If you are interested in learning about new practices and techniques to heighten your love life or are seeking help to overcome sexual problems, or attain sexual happiness, feel free to book a session, attend one of his workshops or check out his books available from Amazon:

Women of Desire: A Guide to Passionate Love and Sexual Compatibility 

A Taste of Honey: Sexuality and Erotology in Islam

Kunyaza: The Secret to Female Pleasure 

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