5 Simple (But Delightfully Effective) Ways To Turn A Man On

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When it comes to adding spark to your sex life, it takes two. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to take the lead.

The good news is that most men don’t need elaborate schemes to capture their attention and bring va-va-voom into the bedroom. Oftentimes, a simple gesture, like wearing sexy clothing, is all it takes to turn them on — and show them you care.

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While most women enjoy being romanced, it can be daunting when it comes to reciprocating and knowing just how much is enough. So if you’re looking for some fresh ideas for how to turn your man on, Stacie Ikka, founder of the dating consultancy Sitting In A Tree, offers these few simple tips to help you get started.

5 Simple (But Delightfully Effective) Ways To Turn A Man On

1. Take control in the morning.

Be his human alarm clock. If you know he has to be up at 7 am, get an early start by initiating a morning romp (i.e. “Honey, it’s time to rise and shine, and I mean ALL of you!), followed by a homemade breakfast to send him on his way.

2. Dress up.

On date night, wear his favorite dress (one that he’s complimented you on in the past or perhaps one he’s bought for you) with a sexy thong.

Then subtly let him know what you've got on underneath that dress as you make your way to dinner. 

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3. Whisper in his ear. 

If you’re out and can’t wait to get back home for some alone time, whisper something provocative in his ear, like “This party sucks. Let’s get the heck out of here now so I can have my way with you.”

See how fast he gets up!

4. Talk Dirty.

We all know it’s important to be a lady and a gentleman in public, but behind closed doors, there’s nothing sexier than some dirty talk. The best approach is to verbalize your feelings, needs, and desires during times of intimacy.

Doing this will not only enhance the experience but will also educate your partner on how to fulfill your sexual needs on an ongoing basis.

5. Be spontaneous.

Try not to fall into a “routine” with your partner. This means don’t text, call, or meet up at the same time, all the time. Instead, surprise him with a text or a phone call when you normally wouldn’t.

For example, if it’s typical for you and your man to exchange texts at the beginning and end of each day, surprise him with a slightly provocative text message around midday instead. Make a statement, but be sure to keep the message simple and sexy.

Avoid phrases like, “I can’t wait!” and do not demand a response.

One example of a text message you should not send is: “Better get your sexy butt home, this (insert inappropriate non-PG-13 word here) is waiting for you!”

Keep in mind, even though “Mechanically and primitively, while men may acknowledge small gestures, they do not experience romance the same way women do,” says Ikka. “Unpredictability is key!”

And don’t be afraid to try something new.

Whether it’s drawing your man a steamy bubble bath, giving him a body massage with scented oils, or just putting on his favorite sports jersey (and nothing else), you might be surprised to find how a little effort can go a long way in seducing a guy. 

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