12 Small-But-Powerful Gestures That Excite The Heck Out Of Men

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Have you ever heard the saying that “It’s the little things”?

Well, indeed, there are many little things you can do to excite your partner that won’t require you to orchestrate something out of an X-rated film. Although, hey, I’m positive he’d like that, too.

Sometimes, though, it’s the buildup of small gestures that creates intense sexual tension and has him drooling all over you and thinking about you 24/7.

Want to learn how to get a guy to like you? Try these small intense or subtle gestures to have him mentally and physically on his knees over you.

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Here are 12 small gestures that excite the heck out of men:

Subtle, Shy & Small:

1. A wink

If the idea of being too bold brings you anxiety, just give him a wink. A small wink. It’s cute, small and a little sexy, and perfect for a shy girl.

2. A note

Take a small piece of paper because texting is too typical these days. Write on it: If you only knew what I was thinking. Give it to him as you leave him. This way, you don’t have to tell him what you’re thinking at all, but you’ve got him thinking.

3. A hair

Let your hair touch his face. If your hair is too short, touch his hair. It could be for a few seconds but putting your fingers in his hair — especially if you can reach the back of his neck — is a very sensual feeling.

4. A bite

Ask him to give you a bite of his food and let him feed it to you. If you get the gumption, return the favor and feed him. Food and sex are not too far apart.

Subtle, Powerful & Small:

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5. A trace

When you’re talking to him, let your finger trace the back of his neck. Do it gently and softly.

6. An ear

Lean in close, and talk to him softly... just to his ear. Speak slowly and softly and let each word hang in the air a little. Pull away and look at him, eye to eye. Let him think about what you said. It doesn’t have to be anything sexy. It could be what you’re eating for dinner that night.

7. A leg

If you like him and the relationship is still “pending,” you’ll need to show up in a dress. Make it one that shows a little leg and be sure he can see your legs the whole time.

8. A text

Send him a text that says you can’t stop thinking about this one thing that he does. Tell him it drives you crazy in a good way, but don’t tell him what it is. Tell him you’ll let him know when you see him next.

Intense, Bold & Small:

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9. A sneak peek

When you go to dinner, forget your panties at home. Then, make sure to wear a dress. Let’s be honest, this is not a winter move, so the warmer the weather, the better. But hey, the sacrifices we make for love are real.

While you’re eating, drop something right by your legs and ask him to pick it up for you under the table. Then, spread those legs. Yes, I said that. Make sure he sees. That’s all you need to do. Don’t say another word.

10. A shave

There is something erotic about shaving a man. Wear something incredibly seductive, preferably without a bra. Let your nipples (through your shirt) graze his neck and face. Be sure to lean over from behind and, of course, get a front view as you shave. He’ll love it.

11. An exit

After spending time with him — whether it’s for ten minutes or a few hours — make an impact as you go to say goodbye. Before walking away, pull him to you and tell him in his ear (that ear again!) that you need to get home to change your panties. They’re a little wet. Then, leave.

12. A towel

He’s coming over, you say? Perfect! This is when you leave the door unlocked or leave him your key. Tell him you’re in the tub. Let him come to see you in your bubble bath. Ask him if he can hand you your towel as he watches you rinse off.

Sometimes, small gestures can say so much, but it’s up to you to decide how intense you want to go.

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