5 Super HOT ways to BLOW his Mind on Valentine’s Day

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How to make his Valentine’s Day Legendary

Want to give your man a Valentine’s Day that is so HOT he will never look at you the same way again without blushing? Lets get right down to it.

1. Rock his morning.  Yep. What every man really wants is to be wanted by you. So,  why not start his day off with a little red-hot-lovin’. Wake him up with a naughty surprise while he is still in bed or by joining him for a steamy shower.  Lets face it, the element of surprise can be pretty exciting, so jump right in and make sure you let him know he is the first thing on your mind that morning. Rise and shine!

2. Give him something sweet.  Send him off to work with a few great treats that will keep him feeling oh so thankful he’s your man. Guys can be fairly basic and easy to please. Make him a thermos of fresh hot coffee to go. Put a few chocolate kisses in his jacket pocket. Brown-paper-bag a piece of his favorite cake or pie and hand it to him on his way out the door. If the Dude can’t handle a little sugar, spice things up by slipping a sexy love note into his pocket or wallet before he leaves. Be sure to mention in your note to him how much you enjoyed your morning together.

3. Photo Bomb him. Okay, so I don’t mean this in the usual way. I mean this in the super HOT way where you give your man a sexy selfie, and you’re the bomb. That’s right, I’m talking about a picture of you, au naturel (or at least in some skimpy, red, lingerie!).  Men are mostly visually oriented creatures, so whether it’s a full figured portrait or a strategically cropped snapshot, its bound to keep him excited to be your valentine all day long. If your not comfortable sending him an unannounced “sextie” on his cell phone during his day, sneak an old-fashioned print copy into his wallet just before he leaves for work. Then send him a text that you left him a “little something” to perk up his day.

4. Play with him. Ah-hem. It’s a man’s nature to want to laugh and have a little fun, and yes, he wants you to be his playmate. Laughter and fun are on par with sex in the way they release those feel-good hormones in us and, if you’re sharing the experience with him, that natural chemical release can create bonding between you. A man’s biggest turn-on can often be spending time with someone who can make him laugh and just hang out for some fun. Watch his favorite adrenaline-rush action film with him or find a comedy to keep you both in stitches. Challenge him to a quickie game of pool or ask him to show you how to play his favorite video game. Just setting aside a couple of hours dedicated to pure enjoyment will truly keep him smiling all night.

5. Feed Him.  Its no secret that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Guys like to eat and we all have our favorite foods, but there are ways to pull this off and make it even better than usual. If you don’t already know what his favorite foods are, find out. Ask him if you have to, but find out what that one thing is that he will enjoy the most and then make it happen for him, preferably at home. Trust me on this one. Food is comforting, satisfying, and fulfilling. Especially when it’s a favorite. Need I say more?

Alright, this might sound like a lot of work, but like I’ve said, guys are fairly basic and easy to please. Pick just one or two of these suggestions and you’re sure to have one happy Dude on your hands. Make sure that whatever you do, that you enjoy doing it, even if it’s something that might take you out of your normal comfort zone. It goes without saying that, when you’re happy, he’s much happier. So have fun, enjoy, and make this Valentine’s Day super HOT for both of you!

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