Why 'Vanilla Sex' Is Actually The BEST Part Of Your Sex Life

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What Is Vanilla Sex And Why Do So Many Couples Still Prefer It?

Referring to sex can mean a lot of different things in the modern world. Various moves, types, and forms of sexual intercourse have been developed to significantly enhance the satisfaction a person gains from participating in this activity.

While sex used to imply a man lying on top of a woman and penetrating her, sex has become much more than that today. The intimate activity has also been divided into different types, with the default version being referred to as "vanilla sex". This is the age-old form of having sex and is often called conventional sex.

This sexual activity refers to intimacy that involves all of the standard activities, without including any form of kinks, fetishes, BDSM, sex toys, power plays, or the sorts. Most commonly, this type of sexual intercourse is also performed in the missionary position, which is probably the oldest position of sex known to man.

With the rise of kinks and different styles of sex, as well as companies that specialize in sexual cosplay and toys that can be used to spice up a session of intimacy, more and more people are starting to regard the standard way of having sex, which is now called "vanilla sex", as a boring activity.

Still, many people prefer to have sex in this manner without including additional "extras" to boost their pleasure and excitement.

Mirror UK reports that a survey revealed 18 percent of the Britain population still enjoys the missionary position the most, while 31 percent of individuals do not care about what position they have sex in, as long as they are having sex.

The majority of the participants did note that they prefer to spice things up by trying out different sex positions (51 percent), using sex toys (34 percent) or watching porn (21 percent).

Vanilla Sex Can Still Be Used To Improve Your Sex Life

If you are one of those who still enjoys vanilla sex above other types and prefers to avoid using toys, porn, and kinks to spice things up in the bedroom, then you should know that this sex style can still be used to improve your sex life. It can also maintain a strong bond between you and your partner.

To understand how vanilla sex can be used for a great sex life, let's look at some benefits this type of sexual intercourse has:

1. Missionary sex is often considered to be less invasive than other sex positions.

Sex becomes easier in this position and both partners can spend time focusing on pleasure rather than perfecting a new position, moving at the right pace and constantly try to avoid hurting the other partner.

This fact is also beneficial for women who have a sexual pain disorder. Due to the position, sex can be more comfortable and not result in as much pain when compared to some other positions or when sex toys are used.

2. You burn more calories when participating in missionary sex than you do in some other positions.

The online sex calculator reports that missionary sex, at a slow pace, that lasts for 10 minutes will help you burn about 46 calories. A 10-minute session in the cowgirl position, helps you burn about 32 calories and a 10-minute spoons position burns 42.9 calories.

Missionary sex is still an excellent form of exercise and can burn more calories than some other positions.

3. It's more intimate.

Due to better emotional intimacy and being physically close to one another, the missionary sex position is also considered to be more intimate and provide a deeper level of connection between the two partners.

4. Missionary sex is the best position for stimulating the women's clitoris.

This can help a woman reach orgasm faster. Radio X reports that as much as 70 percent of women fake an orgasm frequently. Thus, by using a position that makes the woman more likely to orgasm, they wouldn't have to fake it.

Spicing Up The Old Vanilla Sex Routine

Vanilla sex involves having sexual intercourse in a missionary position. This may sound somewhat boring, but you should consider practicing some steps to spice up the old routine and make it more exciting.

Even though you may not want to add kinks, fetishes, toys, or other accessories to your session, there are still ways to make vanilla sex more intimate and to further elevate the level of pleasure you and your partner experience:

  • Having sex in one position doesn't mean you can try different styles and paces. Go from a slow and tender movement to a little faster but passionate movement. You can also vary your movements between slow and faster penetration to add more excitement.
  • Foreplay shouldn't be overlooked and doesn't have to include kinks or any type of fetishes. Try to start off with a massage. This will help your partner get into a better mood and it will relief the entire day's tension. Try to use skin-to-skin contact during the massage to make it more intimate.
  • Don't overdo kissing from the start, but rather, let it build up. When you start having sex, go slow and begin with some soft lip-to-lip action. Then, as the session gets hotter, go in for more intense, intimate and longer-lasting kisses.

Society has a large impact on people, even when it comes to their sex lives. While many people prefer sexual intercourse in the missionary position, people often hear about new positions and want to try them out, especially after hearing just how boring "vanilla sex" really is.

This, however, is far from the truth for many couples. While it may seem to be a position that can get old, the position still has many benefits and there are ways to make it more intimate and enjoyable.