11 Sex Positions That Are Better Than Basically Any Gym Workout

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11 Sex Positions That Are Better Than A Gym Workout

And INFINITELY more fun.

By Lindsey Robertson

You may grimace at the thought of going to the gym, but when the thought of acrobatic sex enters your mind, there’s a decent chance your eyes probably light up. Any why not? The act of sex is a reward unto itself, whereas going to the gym often only feels good once it’s over.

Perhaps it’s time we started melding these two physically exhausting realities together and letting our sex life slowly turn into … our sex-ercise life??

It’s so crazy, it just might work!

After all, a half hour of intense sex can burn around 207 calories — so why not up the ante in the bedroom and sculpt your bod while you’re getting off?

Here are a few especially *ahem* “active” positions (helpfully demonstrated by wooden figurines) to get your sexual creativity flowing, along with the particular parts of the body that they exercise and benefit.

And who knows? Combining your sex life with your gym time may be so efficient, that you’ll have more free time that you know what to do with! (But really, who are we kidding, we all know free time is for reading and masturbating.)

1. The Half-Pushup.
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Who says sex only works your lower body? Sprawl out across the bed until your arms touch the floor (supporting about half of your weight), then have him kneel on the bed and take you from behind. Not only will you get some choice deep-penetration, but your arms will get a nice little workout from holding this pseudo-plank position.

2. 2. The “V” for “Victory”
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This position is similar to missionary, except that your legs are pointing straight out on either side of his head, creating a “V” shape. Your lower back is slightly raised as well, to give him abetter angle. This particular position will make your G-spot especially happy, and your glutes and thighs will definitely feel the burn before you *ahem* finish.

3. The Face-To-Face
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Just because you’re both laying on your sides doesn’t mean that this position can’t be a workout! Tell him to take a reprieve from being in the driver’s seat, and hook your leg outside of his to grind against him with full control. Not only is this a cool sensation, but it will also force your core muscles to engage. Your abs (and your lady-parts) will thank you later.

4. The Stand And Deliver
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This position is certainly not for the faint of heart — but if you’re up to challenge, it can be a fun and rewarding (*wink wink, nudge nudge*) workout. Have him stand and hold you while you jump up and wrap your legs around his torso before slowly sliding down onto his penis. While it can be difficult to get a good rhythm in this position, they key is to clasp your legs tightly at all times and use your hands on his shoulders as leverage.

5. The Cuddle Puddle
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This position’s cute name belies how physically engaging it actually is. While some mightbe tempted to use the Cuddle Puddle for the “slow-burn” portion of coitus, figuring out how to grind away in this sexy, seated position will definitely burn a few calories — and possibly your bedsheets. Face your partner and straddle him, leaving your legs out straight on either side. This position will force you to use your thighs and core to really get a good rhythm going. If you find that it’s too exhausting, don’t be afraid to lean on one of your arms for support.

6. The Reverse Grinder
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Similar to the Cuddle Puddle, except you’re facing away from your partner, with your legs out in front. Usually it helps to bend your legs a bit and use them for support during this one — otherwise your partner is left to do all the work. This is an especially great position for working out your butt and thighs, as you’re definitely going to have to engage them a bit to properly ride your (very lucky) partner.

7. The Triangle
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For this doozy, your partner kneels at the edge of the bed while you lift your torso and hook your legs over his shoulders. Unlike the “V for Victory” position, the emphasis here is on lifting your butt and torso — so that you not only get deeper penetration, but you get a pretty enjoyable core workout, too.

8. The Standing Desk
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While this position may not seem especially grueling in terms of physical exertion, there’s an easy (and pleasurable) way to make this move a bit more intense: as you lean forward and your partner enters you from behind, try to lift your heels and balance on the balls of your feet. This particular trick will allow for easier access (particularly if you partner is much taller than you are), but it will also isolate your calves and give them a great workout.

9. The Cobra
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If you’re looking for the world’s most indulgent shoulder workout (I don’t know why you would specifically be looking for that, but just work with me, here), then this particular sexual move is definitely for you. This position essentially involves your partner taking you from behind while you keep your legs together and your pelvis lowered, using your arms to lift and support your upper torso. Keep your legs together like this will give you some freakin’ amazing sex (regardless of his size), while also giving your oft-neglected shoulders a workout they won’t soon forget.

10. The Hanging Branch
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Yes, this is an oral sex position which pretty much focuses exclusively on your pleasure. If your partner has a problem with that, then maybe you should tell him to NOT LET THE DOOR HIT HIM IN THE ASS ON THE WAY OUT.

Moving forward. This position is a tad acrobatic, so definitely don’t attempt it if you aren’t feeling limber. Remember: stretching is your friend! For this move, your partner lays across the bed while you lay with your torso on the floor and your feet firmly planted above you on the bed. From here, he should have pretty easy access to all of your buttons.

This position will not only give you some pretty wild oral sex, it will also force you to essentially hold an elevated bridge position for an extended period of time. Which is no simple task — regardless of whether you’re in a yoga class, or in the bedroom.

11. The Impossible 69
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Okay, look: there is almost no way you should attempt this move. At least not without a spotter. But, if you can successfully complete this standing position, you will have earned my utmost respect — and will have probably unlocked some super sexual achievement or something.

Just please, for the love of God, make sure you’re surrounded with soft pillows, okay?


This article was originally published at The Berry. Reprinted with permission from the author.