Single & Ready To Mingle? 5 Places To Meet Local Men

Single & Ready To Mingle? 5 Places To Meet Local Men [EXPERT]

Single women often despair to their girlfriends that there are no decent men in their area. The chances of that actually being true are virtually impossible. So, where are all the single men hiding?

1. Bars and clubs. One of the traditional places for men and women to meet has always been bars and clubs. While this is usually a method favoured by younger guys and girls, there is nothing to stop an older women smiling at an attractive man she sees in a bar or to stop that man from going over and making conversation. When It Comes To Dating, Are We Shallower Than We Admit?

There are potential pitfalls with the bar as a place to meet local men, however. Alcohol can not only affect our judgement but also our inhibitions. Clubs may be a better option if you are looking for a fun fling, but not so great if you are hoping to meet a long-term partner.

2. Sporting events. Most towns have a sports team of some kind and home games are a great place to find a lot of local guys in one place at one time. Of course, if you try and talk to them during the game you won't get very far, but you may catch someone’s attention during half time!

If you do meet a partner at one of these sporting events, you will have to accept that you are dating someone who spends a lot of his time following his team — and you may even be expected to keep on attending games. But this is a small price to pay for the opportunity to get all those local men under one roof at the same time. How Do I Start Dating After Taking 6 Years Off? (1 of 3)

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3. The gym. Similarly, there are certain place where men are more likely to hang out and by going there yourself you are at least putting yourself out there. The gym may seem like a strange place to meet local men, but there are plenty of women who swear by the treadmill as a great place to get a date.

If you want to look attractive at the gym, remember not to work out too hard. And some guys take their gym sessions very seriously so it is best not to interrupt them while they are lifting weights.

4. Golf and tennis clubs. Another popular male activity that women can also join in is playing sports. Look into joining your local golf or tennis club; not only will the social circles at these places increase your chances of meeting well-heeled local men but you can also take lessons to pick up a new skill and get fit at the same time.

5. The grocery store. There is a common theory that it is possible to spot a single man at the supermarket by the contents of his shopping basket. For example, meals for one and cans of beer during the week.

Some psychologists have even suggested that if you have similar items in your own shopping basket it can make you seem attractive to the man in question! This seems far-fetched, but the truth remains that single men will have to go to the supermarket at some point, so keep your eyes peeled next time you are out shopping.

Just remember, don't judge the guy by where you met him! 4 Tiny Dating Mistakes That Turn Good Men Off Fast

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