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"Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack" - unknown

About Devon Brown

You’re About To Discover The Most Common Mistakes Women Make That Keep Them From Finding Mr. Right
Are you a single woman looking to discover how to get the guy you’ve always dreamed of?
Is there a certain someone you’ve got your eye on and you’re struggling to figure out how to get him to notice you, or how to get him to ask you out?
Do you just feel like figuring out what men want, is a complete mystery?
Hi, my name is Devon Brown, creator of http://www.HowToGetAManNow.com; a website that gives some of the most powerful free dating advice for women available on the internet today!
You see, back in 2005/2006 my own frustrations with dating lead me down a path of discovery regarding the “disconnect” between men and women with regard to dating.
As I immersed myself in this subject matter over time, something struck me. Not only were there countless men (like me) who were frustrated with women; but there were also countless beautiful, intelligent, & caring women (just like you) that were struggling to find Mr. Right!

How Could This Be?
I mean think about it…
These women were GREAT! And from a guy’s perspective I can certainly tell you that the male population was interested in them.
I was utterly confused. Why were so many women complaining about how hard it is to find a good guy, while countless men were out there struggling to get these same women to notice them?
And Then It Happened…
As I continued to dig deeper and deeper in an attempt to understand dating, I started to realize something EXTREMELY profound.
I started to uncover a handful of key behaviors/actions that women were displaying that actually GET IN THE WAY of a great guy walking into your life and sweeping you off your feet.
From there, I started to pay attention to (and learn more about about) human behavior & the social dynamics that occur when men and women first meet.
And Once I Started Understanding The Behavior Patterns Of Men And Women, I Started Sharing My Advice With Girl-FRIENDS Of Mine…And The Results Were Astounding!

And I’m excited to share my findings with you here on YourTango.com (was well as on my website) in hopes that my knowledge and advice will make it easier to for you to find that great guy you’ve been looking for!
You can get started on the path to dating success by CLICKING HERE to take our free Dating Quiz For Women!

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