5 Witchy Ways To Make The Most Of A Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde On Halloween

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This year, none of us are quite sure what Halloween will look like in the midst of a pandemic.

Will your kids be able to trick-or-treat? Is there a way to have safe costume parties?

The good news is that we might be able to get some clues from the heavens to guide us in the form of a beautiful and alluring full moon — the second one in October, which makes it a blue moon!

Halloween is getting a little extra punch in 2020, since it falls right on a full moon and occurs during Mercury retrograde.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these cosmic events, and see how you can draw on this powerful cauldron of energy to create the best (and safest) Halloween ever.

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What’s the significance of a full moon on Halloween this year?

Luna was the ancient Roman goddess personifying the moon, which of course, is the origin of the word "lunar." 

In astrology, the moon rules over intuition and emotions, and your connection to the subconscious mind. So, the full moon represents the full light of your consciousness when emotions at their height.

But the full moon is also considered to be a time of high energy and creativity in all areas of your life. You're likely to give birth to plans made and projects started since the new moon, nurturing them to completion.

Full moons occur when the sun and moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac. And on this particular full moon on October 31st, the sun is in Scorpio, while the moon is in Taurus.

Taurus energy is earthy and sensual, but some other characteristics are practical, sensible, generous, indulgent, grounded, and patient.

When the Moon is in Taurus, you may be more focused on physical pleasures and feel deeply drawn to create beauty around you.

On the other hand, deep, intense Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, the Roman god of the underworld — and you know he was no lightweight. It's no surprise that Halloween falls during Scorpio's cycle, which runs from October 22 until November 21.

And then there’s Mercury retrograde!

So, in addition to this powerful Taurus full moon juju shining above you on Halloween during Scorpio season, you’ve also got to contend with the fact that it’s all happening during Mercury retrograde.

You’ve heard the dire predictions for Mercury retrograde...

Don’t sign any contracts or make reservations! Count on travel troubles! Watch your language! Back up your computer! Be prepared to feel depressed, confused, and pessimistic!

That’s because in astrology, Mercury is the planetary archetype that governs how you think and communicate what you’re thinking, whether it’s through writing, speaking, or teaching.

It also governs transportation (Mercury was the Roman god of travelers and the messenger of the gods), and when it goes retrograde — which it will be from October 13 to November 3 — your communication skills and travel plans could go a little wonky.

So, while it might be a good idea to be extra careful in those areas at this time, the truth is that there are actually lots of positive ways you can harness the energy of Mercury retrograde.

In a nutshell, it’s a great time to simply slow down, go within, and spend some time ruminating, daydreaming, and reviewing your life.

Another good trick for capturing the upside of Mercury retrograde amidst all the scary "don'ts" is to play with your favorite “re” words — reflect, retreat, re-organize, reconnect are just a few.

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Blending the full moon with Mercury retrograde.

How can you blend the expansive energy of the full moon with the retreat mode of Mercury retrograde to produce a perfect Halloween brew?

If you’re a lover of symbolism like I am, there’s lots to play with here!

You’ve got a general idea of what both the full moon and Mercury retrograde are about. Now, let’s apply them to some of your beloved Halloween traditions and see how you can create some fun pandemic-style variations.

Here are 5 witchy ways to make the most of the full moon on Halloween during Mercury retrograde this month.

1. Plan an outdoor Halloween party.

If you’ve got a big backyard or garden, invite family “pods” to come visit. You can schedule them so they’re spread out for social distancing purposes, and even have activities.

Set up an arts and crafts table, string donuts from tree branches (bobbing for donuts!), pin the heart on the skeleton (they get to keep the heart). Take Polaroid photos of everyone — they can take one with them, and you can put one in an album.

If you can do it under that beautiful full moon, all the better!

2. Create a family photo wall.

Remember, Halloween is celebrated as a traditional death holiday in many cultures and a time when people honor their ancestors. See if you can dig out photos of your parents and grandparents, even aunts and uncles.

If you’ve got kids, bring them into the project so they have a sense of their heritage. Talk about how they might have their grandmother’s sense of humor or their great-grandfather’s eyes.

3. Snuggle up and take a trip to the "Land of the Dead."

If you didn’t see Coco, the beautiful Disney/Pixar movie, do it now. Don’t worry if you don’t have kids — it’s really is a poignant story of family, culture, and love with vibrant colors and terrific music.

4. Invite friends and family to a Zoom Halloween parade!

I know… You’re probably pretty "Zoomed out" right now, so get creative, full moon style. Invite everyone to go all out with their costumes, then highlight each one separately as they strut their stuff.

Then segue into a dance party with some great Halloween music, like Michael Jackson’s "Thriller," the theme from Ghostbusters or even The Exorcist, or Rhianna’s "Disturbia."

5. Conjur up your own in-home haunted house.

Make use of all your rooms, including that spooky, little-used storeroom or basement!

If you’ve got a big family, encourage them all to use that Taurus full moon creativity to decorate in their space — gooey things to put your hands in, bats and goblins hanging over the doors, creepy music, maybe a room dedicated to reading ghost stories together.

If you’re on your own, set up your own haunted space, then tap into some of the “re” words for Mercury retrograde there. 

Research your family tree or pull out a journal and reflect on where you are now and what projects you want to start after retrograde moves through on November 3rd.

Don’t let these uncertain times dampen your spooky spirit.

With a little help from the blue moon on Halloween and Mercury retrograde, there are still plenty of fun, imaginative ways to re-connect with your inner witch to take full advantage of this ghoulish season!

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Deborah Roth is a certified relationship coach and interfaith minister who loves supporting couples in navigating the ebbs and flows of maintaining and nurturing successful, long-term relationships. To learn more about her work, you can visit Spirited Living or email her to schedule an introductory couples coaching session.