7 Subtle Ways To Flirt With Strangers (Without Looking Like A Creep)

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7 Subtle Ways To Flirt With Strangers (Without Looking Like A Creep)

Psychology Today conducted a study on love-at-first-sight, and believe it or not, Walmart topped the list of places for where to meet men and where people encounter irresistible strangers they want to flirt with. (The study was based on "missed connection" notices posted on Craigslist.)

So, how can you take advantage of this trend and learn how to meet men? This list of tips about how to flirt will make you more approachable and increase your chances of interacting with men at major retail stores.

1. Smile and make eye contact.

I call these two actions "flirting basics" and both make it easier for men to approach you. As a single woman, this is something you want to be more conscious of.

The more approachable you are, the more men take the chance to walk over and say hello. In addition, when you smile you automatically look more attractive. You can't go wrong when you smile brightly at a man who catches your eye.

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2. Be friendly.

This is the place to turn up the charm. If you are a naturally bubbly person who interacts easily with people, why not try it while shopping?

Being friendly and warm is like sharing your own personal brand of sunshine, creating memorable, positive interactions with people. The more people you meet, the better your chances for finding "the one."

3. Look up from what you are doing.

To become more approachable, be aware of your environment. Every once in a while, look up from whatever you are doing.

As a dating coach, I can't tell you how many men have asked me why women in the grocery store are so unfriendly. You are probably focused on shopping and leaving the store as quickly as possible. The solution? Take an extra five to 10 minutes so you look around and connect with people.

4. Break the ice.

Be brave and say something! Most men are flattered when a woman strikes up a conversation. This is another way to make a man's job of approaching you easier. You can talk about anything from the store, to the weather, to what you're making for dinner.

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5. Hang out where the browsing is good.

To up your chances of meeting men while shopping, spend time in the sections of the store where people tend to linger. Try looking at the CDs and DVDs, cell phones and electronics, or magazines and books. Even the produce aisle can work.

The other great thing about browsing is that it's easier to think of something to say; you can rely on what you are both looking at to start chatting.

6. Talk to people in the checkout line.

Since you often have to wait in line to check out, make good use of this time. Comment on magazine covers or the impulse items near the register. It doesn't matter what you say. The idea is that you casually get a conversation started.

7. Relax and practice.

The most important aspect of combining your shopping trip with meeting men is to relax. Sometimes the flirting and chatting is fun, yet it goes no farther than the door.

That's okay because it's all good practice. You will build your skills, confidence and comfort level, which actually helps you seem even more attractive to men. Who knew shopping could help your love life?

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