6 Celebrity Couples Who Work(ed) Together

christine taylor and ben stiller

There might be good reason for the typical don't-date-your-coworker policy held in most companies. Perhaps Hollywood should pay attention. After all, Sam Mendez directed Kate Winslet in Revolutionary Road, and now the two are in the middle of divorcing. Is Sam Mendes Rebounding With Rachel Weisz?

Then again, we can also find examples of celebrity couples who have found a way to successfully merge their personal and professional lives. This list has examples of both possible outcomes. We'll let you make the call when it comes to whether working with a significant other can work. 

Buce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa
Bruce and Patti began dating soon after she joined his band in 1984, but the relationship didn't last long. Springsteen married another woman in 1985, but he had an affair with Patti during his marriage. Springsteen and Scialfa had a son in 1990 and married a year later. Two more children followed soon after. These two have been a personal and professional for over 20 years, and they make it work on both fronts. The albums still rock and the marriage appears to have stayed strong, even if Bruce may have misstepped along the way. Bruce Springsteen's Affair With A Bootyful Woman

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Michael C Hall and Amy Spanger (and Jennifer Carpenter)
Michael C. Hall could be on this list twice, each time with a different result. The summer after he married his first wife, actress Amy Spanger, the two were cast opposite of each other in Chicago on Broadway. He played Billy Flynn to her Roxie Heart. The show's run ended, and, a few years later, so did their marriage. Hall moved on to another coworker, Jennifer Carpenter. These two may play brother and sister on Showtime's Dexter, but in real life, they've been married since 2008. We hope their on-screen familial relationship doesn't make their off-screen romance awkward! 5 Celeb Couples Who Met At Work

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