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Woman Wonders If She Was Wrong For Accepting Best Friend’s ‘Dream Job’ After She Suggested They Both Apply

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College is a great place to meet people in your field that will likely head down the same professional path you’re going to take.

Making friends in those areas and networking with those people is a great way to get a head start on your career, and for one 24-year-old woman, she found someone she could not only become friends with, but also a great contact as they both pursued careers in a similar field.r

However, everything went south when “Amy” told her to apply for the same job she applied for.

The woman's post on the famous subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” tells the story of how she applied for the same job her friend applied for (upon her request), ended up securing the job, and was subsequently blamed by her friend for “swiping her dream job” from her.

R/AmItheA--hole is, “a catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that's been bothering you,” according to the subreddit’s “About Community” section.

The Reddit users who peruse this forum will give you a rating that boils down to whether you are “Not The A--hole” (NTA) or You are The A--hole (YTA).

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After talking with the friend she calls “Amy,” our moral philosopher decides to go through with her suggestion that she should apply to the same job she did with the hope of working together.

“I get to the interview and I nail it, they loved my entire resume and everything I had done since graduating,” she said.

“After that, I go to the company coffee shop where I met a guy who also works in a field similar to mine and I’m hoping we become something serious.”

Seems like the life of her dreams is en route to becoming a reality — except it was also the life of her friend’s dreams as well.

“Two days later I had dinner with Amy telling her that I got the job and how I smashed the interview and about the new guy,” she continued.

“Well, Amy then angrily tells me how I need to shut up and that I swiped her dream job away from her.”

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also blaming her for stealing what would have been her future boyfriend as well.

She says that Amy said “she basically had the job until I came and ruined everything and she was supposed to meet the guy of her dreams and instead I took that from her.”

While the situation was an unfortunate backfire on “Amy’s” suggestion, which she claimed to be a joke, it’s not the poster’s fault for the outcome of the situation — and all of Reddit seems to be in agreement.

“UGH. NTA,” reads the top comment on the post. “This reads like highschool drama.”

The user goes on to talk about how friends should be encouraging your successes and that Amy likely wasn’t going to get the job from the beginning.

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Amy told her that the only way to make things right was to leave the position, which this user also mentioned would be an awful career move that could affect her future endeavors.

“Your friend is being stupid and childish to demand you ‘make things better’?” they continued. “She is the type of friend who loves misery — and loves the company it brings. If you aren't with her in her misery, you aren't her friend. So don't be friends with this person.”

Someone else pointed out how it’s actually her friend’s fault for telling her about the position in the first place — that any person who wants to limit their competition should never do that.

“She learned a valuable lesson about not telling others about where she's interviewing to reduce competition for herself,” they wrote. “You only point out potential jobs when you aren't interested in it for yourself or you are gainfully and happily employed.”

The reality is that Amy is just jealous of her friend and the success that she wants for herself.

It’s Amy’s fault for suggesting it in the first place and reacting the way that she did when things didn’t go her way.

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