Man Wonders If It Was Wrong To Joke About Friend's First Marriage During Best Man's Speech At Second Wedding

His friend was not happy.

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Everyone enjoys humor at weddings as some memories make great stories to look back upon and laugh at. However, this man may have taken it a little too far at his friend’s wedding — at least according to the groom.

A 34-year-old man posted on the Subreddit AITA (Am I The A-hole) to ask people whether he might be wrong to make a certain joke in his best man’s speech at his friend’s second wedding.


“I (34M) was recently the Best Man at my friends (36M) second wedding, I was also the best man at his first. I saw this joke online and it made me laugh so I stole it and for my opening speech I said 'right well....welcome back everyone…'” 

The man explains how his joke was appreciated by everyone, including the bride, “who seemed to find it hilarious.”

However, the groom didn't like the joke probably because he didn’t want anything to ruin his special day.

While the groom didn’t say anything during the speech, he berated his friend later.

While the best man didn't mean any harm and hoped that his joke would be taken in a fun manner, the groom didn't like it.


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Considering it was the groom’s second wedding, he didn’t appreciate the joke, no matter how small. 

“Everything went well, speech over and done with, though later on after a few drinks my friend began to rip me a new a-hole telling me I was out of line with that kinda joke...” 

The best man further explained how the groom felt embarrassed and didn’t think it was funny. 

The man says his friend warned him, "I shouldn't have brought his last marriage into this."

The best man stated how the best man’s speech is supposed to be funny and light-hearted. He further stated that, in his defense, “that was the only reference” to the groom’s previous marriage.  


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“I mean a best mans speech will always be more jokey than anything and beyond that it was fairly tame and that was the only reference to his last marriage...was I really that out of line?” he asked Reddit.

While the post had mixed reactions, most of the people thought the best man was wrong.

One user wrote, “Do you really think that bringing it his previous marriage when he is getting married to another woman is a good idea?” 

Another user stated, “Just because people laughed, doesn't mean it wasn't in incredibly poor taste. You and your friend are just lucky that his wife is so damn cool. Unlike you.”


There were also many people who took it lightly and thought the groom may have overreacted.

One user wrote, “But also it’s a very harmless joke, like it’s not out of line and it’s quite common, plus if the bride found it funny then I don’t see the big deal.”

Another user supported the best man, “That was quite harmless and exactly what you should do at a wedding! If your friend can't take a simple joke like that, he should have never made you his best man. Most important thing was that the bride laughed, then you have nothing to worry about.”


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