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Groom Wonders If He Should Cut Off Parents Who Refuse To Stop His Brother From Proposing At His Wedding

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groom threatens to cut his parents off

This groom wonders if he went too far after threatening to cut his parents off after they supported his brother who wants to propose at his wedding.

So, he went to the AITA (Am I The A-hole) Subreddit to ask people what they think.

The groom wrote that he is getting married soon but, he recently found out from his parents that his older brother wants to propose to his girlfriend at his wedding.

He immediately disliked the idea and didn't appreciate that his parents were supporting his brother.

The man did not want his brother's proposal to overshadow his wedding day.

The groom wrote that he didn’t support the idea and if his parents were supporting it, they would not be allowed to come to the wedding.

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He further wrote, “I'll also cut off the financial support I've been giving monthly since they paid to have my golden child brother go through college by taking out a second mortgage.”

He also mentioned that he has a stake in the ownership of his parents’ house. However, he has no problem cutting that off either.

That wasn’t the end of it as his brother went to talk to him personally. 

“But my brother came to my home the next day to yell at me that I ruined his big chance because now our parents are siding with me and say they'll evict him if he tries to propose at my wedding.” 

The groom further wrote that his brother wanted to do this for his girlfriend as they were on the verge of breaking up.

However, the groom mentioned that he didn’t care about that and if he went ahead with this idea, he would be kicked out of the wedding. 

The groom’s grandmother called him after his brother complained about the situation to her.

He further wrote that even after explaining his side of the story, his grandmother was still on his brother’s side. 

The man mentioned in his post that this had always happened to him.

He wrote, “My grandmother especially. She always sided with my brother and believed his lies no matter what he did. She's the biggest reason my parents favored my brother too.”

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The talk led to an argument which eventually resulted in his grandmother being in tears. After finding out about this, his parents were unhappy with him. 

The man wrote, “But I told them I only went that far because I had to when they were all trying to get me to let my brother use my wedding as his springboard for a proposal. They ended up agreeing with me, but still stated they feel like I'm crass.”

And once again, his brother visited him and yelled at him for his behavior.

However this time, the groom thinks that he might be wrong and took things too far, so he went to Reddit to ask people what they think.

One user said, “Families turn crazy during weddings…Your wedding day is about you and your partner — not someone else’s “opportunity” to save their own failing relationship. I’m honestly baffled that this idea was even raised.”

Another user wrote, “Someone else's wedding IS NOT the appropriate venue to propose. This is the bride and groom's day and doing anything to take away from that is about the lowest thing someone can do.”

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