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Woman Wonders If She Is Wrong After Getting Waitress Who Complimented Her Husband's Eyes Fired

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A 33-year-old wife went out to dinner with her husband and his family to celebrate his 30th birthday at a new diner in town, hoping to just have a good time and celebrate the big 3-0.

However, what she got instead, was a “20ish” year-old waitress who wouldn’t “take her eyes off my husband and threw some inappropriate comments at him” every time she came to the table.

When she got home, she left a review online and was contacted by the manager, who ended up firing the waitress and “ruined her career.”

Did this woman overreact to the waitress’s comments that ended up getting her fired?

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There’s a lot more context to be given about the waitress’s comments as well as how the management reacted, so let’s talk about why the wife is NTA in this situation.

She mentions that their waitress was being a little weird toward her husband — looking at him and making unnecessary comments.

“I was feeling uncomfortable,” she admitted, “But decided to not make a scene hoping she'd stop but when she brought the drinks, She puts them on the table, leans close enough towards my husband thinking no one would hear but we heard what she said and it was, ‘The sparkle of those eyes is igniting me!’”

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This was the point in the story where everyone’s lines were crossed, immediately, but we’ll continue the story and show why the waitress getting fired isn’t as big of a deal as she makes it out to be.

Upon leaving a negative review of the diner online, the manager contacted her, asking about the experience.

“He then calls back and tells me their business is new and this kind of reviews might harm their reputation,” she continues, “Then [he] asks what it'd take for me to take it down. I tell him some consequences to the waitress.”

Why the manager of the restaurant is taking managerial advice from patrons is unbeknownst to me, but it makes sense that he would care about the reputation of the restaurant, and as such, fires the waitress.

“I'm contacted by the waitress on my SM telling me that she didn't mean to cause disturbance and was just ‘complimenting’ my husband's eyes,” the story continues.

"But I ruined her career and caused her to potentially lose her apartment and become homeless after getting fired from the diner and being unable to pay rent.”

Now, this is a gross exaggeration on the waitress’s side. Not only is her life not ruined, but the business is new. What was she doing before this new job that wasn’t going to make her homeless?

According to the wife, her in-laws are upset with her and claim that she acted out of jealousy, and the husband has nothing to say about the situation, but everyone is on the wife’s side.

“NTA. ‘Your eyes ignite me’ = your eyes turn me on. Sexual harassment. MARRIED MAN. Waiters need tips, but most know not to mess with married couples/families,” said the top comment.

That comment was very clearly sexual harassment, and like a lot of people pointed out, if the roles were reversed the waiter would have been fired on the spot.

So while it's unfortunate that the waitress had to be laid off, it's also her fault for making an inappropriate comment like that.

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