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Pregnant Woman Wonders If She Is Wrong For Refusing To Allow Mother-In-Law In Delivery Room

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A pregnant woman came to Reddit after having an altercation with her mother-in-law for not allowing her to be in the delivery room when she eventually has her baby.

She posed a question on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole,” or “AITA,” which is a subreddit that allows users to share stories or conflicts they are dealing with and gain an outside perspective on the problem.

The people who comment and users of Reddit can then vote and discuss who was in the right regarding the conflict – or in other words, who was the a**hole.

The new mother opened up about the conflict with her mother-in-law over the birth of her child saying “AITA for what I told my mother In Law when she asked to be in the delivery room?”

The pregnant woman was refusing to allow her mother-in-law in the delivery room.

"She brought her request up at dinner table and blatantly said that she wanted to be in the delivery room with me when I give birth," the woman wrote.

"I was taken back by her request — I really thought it had something to do with the nursery or diaper brand. I said I was sorry but only my mom and my husband will be there."

She then responded to her mother-in-law saying, "You can have the opportunity to be in the delivery room when it's your son who's giving birth."

After she said that her mother-in-law left the table and everyone went silent. Her husband then urged her that they should leave.

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After she and her husband left the house, he lost it on her as well and said "what brain cell" made her think it was a good idea to tell his mom that.

"I told him his mom kept pushing after I'd already given her an answer. Still, he said this was the most f*cked up shit he heard me say."

Her husband then brought up the case that it's his son as well and he has a say who can be there or not, saying if his mother isn't there he won't be there.

However, this comment made some Redditors upset as this is her body, her choice. 

After the fight, the pregnant woman said her husband has been ignoring her when she tries to talk to him. This has made her think she might "have gone too far and created tension by responding inappropriately."

She also admitted at the end of the story that there has been some tension between her husband and the family and everything "probably blew up because of built-up resentment."

However, the verdict was decided that the pregnant woman was "Not the a**hole."

The comments came to the pregnant woman's support immediately, assuring her that it's her choice who she lets into the delivery room as it's her body and she will be fully frontal naked and under so much stress. 

The top comment said what a lot of other commentators were posting. 

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"NTA. Actually, what you said makes sense seen as we're talking about your body here. The reality is that your MIL just did you a favor here because your husband siding with her is showing issues in your marriage and the difficulties you're going to face when it comes to decisions about your pregnancy or your child." 

The pregnant woman's story brought up a discussion on whether birth should be a "spectator" or "event" type of thing.

One comment questioned her mother-in-law's own birth.

"Wonder who was in the delivery room when MIL gave birth? She should try and remember what it was like instead of stamping her foot and being annoyed at being ‘left out’. As for the husband I’ve no words. We’ll I have but will keep that to myself."

Some people even questioned her relationship with her husband as he was the one who threatened her that if his mother isn't there that he won't be there for the delivery. "But you don’t have a MIL problem. Primarily, you have a husband problem," said one Reddit user. 

One even recommended she "consult a divorce lawyer or line up some couples counseling at a minimum."

Thankfully for the pregnant woman, lots of others had to agree with her and thought it should be her decision whether or not the mother-in-law can attend the delivery of her baby. 

We can only hope that this woman doesn't get any more trouble from both her husband and her mother-in-law and that it will be her decision who is allowed to attend the delivery of her baby. 

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