Woman Asks If She's A 'Bridezilla' For Kicking Bridesmaid Out Of Her Wedding For Spilling Wine On Her Dress

The wedding dress was her late mother's.

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A 27-year-old woman took to Reddit after kicking one of her bridesmaids out of her wedding after an accident that cost her the dress she planned on marrying her husband in. 

Her friends called her a “bridezilla” over her decision. Now she is asking if she should’ve reacted differently. 

The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread, “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), seeking the opinion of other users regarding the situation. 


Users had the choice to give her a “You’re the A–hole” (YTA) rating if they believed that she was wrong or a “You’re Not the A-hole” (YNTA) rating if they thought she was not. 

The bridesmaid spilled red wine on her wedding dress. 

The woman started her post by saying she got married a month ago and planned on wearing her late mother’s wedding dress to the ceremony. 

Her mother passed away two years prior. 

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The woman did everything in her power to keep the dress in good condition ahead of her wedding day. 


“I would only wear the dress at the wedding itself, and I would switch to a more casual dress for the reception. When I was wearing the dress, I wouldn’t eat or drink anything except water, and I would stay inside at all times,” she wrote. 

She added that the dress carried a significant meaning to her, since her mother “always dreamed” that she would wear it. 

“I promise I’m not usually this crazy about cleanliness, but this was my mom’s dress, and the thought of it being damaged broke my heart.” 

She says her bridesmaids knew how important the dress was. 

On the wedding day, the woman and her bridesmaids gathered in a room above the venue where they were getting ready. 


The woman stepped out briefly to check on something for the wedding, and when she returned, her bridesmaids explained what had happened. 

They told her they had opened a bottle of Pinot Noir to celebrate and began walking around the room after pouring it into glasses. 

One of the woman’s bridesmaids, whom she refers to as “Anna,” wanted to take a closer look at the dress. While she was touching the lace, the wine glass accidentally slipped from her hands and soiled the bottom of the dress. 

The woman says she started “sobbing” as her Maid of Honor got ahold of several professional cleaning services, none of which could take the dress in time for the wedding. 


“ I asked Anna what the h–l she was doing holding red wine so close to my dress when she knew how careful I was being,” the woman wrote. 

According to her, Anna was dismissive and told the woman, “it wasn’t such a big deal because I [the woman] was planning to wear the dress, so it could have gotten damaged that way too.” 

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The woman grew extremely upset and called Anna “stupid” and “careless” before throwing her out of the wedding. 

She wound up wearing the dress she was planning on wearing to her reception for the entire day. She wrote that she was “heartbroken” not to be wearing her mother’s dress. 


After the wedding, the woman claimed that her bridesmaids had joked about her being “bridezilla” since she kicked Anna out of the wedding over “an honest mistake.” 

“I absolutely don’t think I’m the AH or a bridezilla because Anna’s reaction was so horrible and insincere. But I wanted to get the story off my chest and ask some people who might be more impartial,” the woman concluded. 

Many Redditors came to the woman’s defense. 

“IMO, even if the dress wasn’t sentimental because of your mom, the fact that’s it’s your wedding dress automatically makes it VIP. It doesn’t seem bridezilla or OTT to take precautions not to have big, ugly stains on your wedding dress,” one user commented. 


Others suggested that “Anna” had done it on purpose out of jealousy or spite, considering her reaction did not seem sincere. 

Something tells me that Anna did it on purpose. Probably out of jealousy or something, considering her reaction was to dismiss it rather than apologize,” another user wrote. 

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