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Bride Wonders If She Is Wrong For Charging Parents Who Brought Their Rowdy Kids To Her Child-Free Wedding

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Bride and child

Everyone knows that some kids can be loud, rambunctious, rowdy, and just a real hassle to take care of and control 24/7 — that’s just in their nature, they’re growing humans.

Those kinds of kids are probably the last people you want to be at a ceremony as special and important as a wedding, so this couple decided they wanted a child-free wedding. 

However, when some couples decided to go against that rule, the kids caused a scene and the marrying couple charged them for it, the parents got angry.

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Now, the bride wonders if she was wrong for being angry and charging the parents for their kids’ mistakes.

The bride took to Reddit — the only place she knew where she could rely on strangers to give her unbiased advice in the famous subreddit “r/AmItheA--hole” or AITA for short.

AITA is home to only the most intelligent, morally just Redditors on the platform who will provide you with high-quality advice and an honest rating that decides whether or not you really are the “A--hole.”

The ratings typically consist of, “Not The A--hole” (NTA), or “You’re The A--hole” (YTA).

But anyway, the story goes a little something like this: the bride and groom are planning and preparing for the wedding, but the venue they want is far too small and expensive to fit the number of kids on either side.

“The kids are generally good, so the main issue was cost,” she revealed in the post. “Our venue charges age 2+ the same as adults, which is $250pp (including tax/tip). It would double the cost and our venue wasn't big enough for all the kids.”

The couple explained this to the parents and set up a very good compromise where they would be allowed to go to the dinner, but that they would have to stay with hired babysitters during the actual ceremony — for the most part, everyone agreed.

“On the wedding day, 3 couples showed up with their kids, a total of 9 kids (2 + 3 + 4 kids),” she wrote. “My husband was more upset than I was because these folks were on his side.”

After a small scene, they agreed the kids could stay so long as they didn’t cause trouble and the parents would pay per child the price that the venue requested.

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However, the night never turns out the way you want it to, and the kids caused havoc.

“When the ceremony started, one kid started wailing and another skipped down the aisle in front of me,” she explained. “I played it cool, and the staff was on top of it. They escorted the mom and the 2 kids outside. The rest of the ceremony went smoothly.”

But that’s not all, there’s still the reception that the bride and groom need to get through, and it only got worse.

“During the reception, the same 2 kids were screaming and throwing food. Other guests and staff were trying to get them to sit,” she continued.

“At one point, one kid went under my dress, which was so f-cking weird. I didn't notice and almost tripped. My bridesmaids pointed out that the food they threw got on my dress and that's when I had enough. I gave my husband ‘the look’ and he rounded up the kids, brought them to the parents, and asked them to leave for good.”

After the pandemonium ended and all returned to normal, the bride and groom sent a letter reminding them that they agreed to pay for the children.

“Two couples paid and were apologetic, and even said now they understood why we couldn't include the kids,” she wrote. “Of course, the couple with the 2 rowdy kids refused to pay because we asked them to leave before cake... seriously.”

They burned the bridge of their friendship, got a nasty call, clapped back with “they should be lucky I didn't send the dry cleaning bill for the dress,” and refused to let them visit, which brought the issue back up again.

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So are they the “a--holes”? Definitely not.

“NTA. Stand your ground. You went above and beyond to accommodate guests with children, and they imposed,” wrote one user in response.

Many people agreed with the fact that they even agreed to any compromises in the first place was too much, and they were far too gracious.

It’s their wedding. If they wanted no kids, then you give them no kids.

“It was pretty darn clear what the restrictions were, and they proved the point on why you had those restrictions in place,” wrote another.

Real friends and family should recognize that they were being far too selfish to even consider bringing their kids after already being told they couldn’t, but to not even apologize and pay after agreeing to do so? Those aren’t real friends.

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