Groom Scrambles To Reorder Fiancée's Wedding Dress After Accidentally Burying Her Grandmother In The Gown

He didn't want her to suspect a thing.

Late Grandmother Buried In Granddaughter's Wedding Dress @kaisas_bridal / TikTok / New Africa / Shutterstock 

A groom’s mix-up told by a bridal shop owner on TikTok has gone viral. 

TikTok user @kaisasbridal shared the story of a phonecall she got from a stressed out groom who made a serious blunder while helping to arrange the funeral for his fiancee's grandmother.

In the videos, she explains that the bride’s late grandmother requested to be buried in her own wedding gown. 

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However, a wardrobe mixup at the hands of the groom and his future brother-in-law before the funeral resulted in a mistake that could have ruined the bride's upcoming wedding.

The bride's grandmother was accidentally buried in the wedding dress her granddaughter was set to wear. 

The TikTok user, Kaisa, is the owner of Kaisa’s Bridal Boutique in Chicago, Illinois. In her first TikTok video of her "storytime" series, she teases how she often says that she "sees it all" as a bridal shop owner but goes on to say that "that’s a complete lie" as she dives into the story. 

Kaisa explains that she received a phone call one morning from a groom, describing him as "frantic" and "crying."




The groom told Kaisa that he needed to reorder his finance’s wedding dress that she ordered at the boutique the previous year. All of the information he knew about the dress was that it was white and for the wedding. 

Initially suspicious that the groom was trying to dig up confidential information, she looked up the bride’s name and considered reaching out to her.

She reconsidered after thinking she may cause a bigger issue, and now she is "so glad" that she didn’t. 


Kaisa told the groom that she had to call the dress’s manufacturer to see if the exact dress could be reordered ahead of their Thanksgiving weekend wedding. However, the dress was customized and could take months to alter. 

When she delivered this news to the groom, she says he broke into tears. 

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Shortly after that, the bride's brother took the phone from him and explained to Kaisa what exactly happened. 

Before her grandmother’s death, the bride had given her wedding dress to her mother to store away in safe keeping before the wedding. 

The brother told Kaisa that their grandmother had passed away two weeks prior. Before her death. She requested to be buried in her wedding dress since her late husband was buried in his wedding tuxedo.


After the grandmother’s death, the bride’s mother asked the groom and the bride’s brother to retrieve the grandmother’s dress from her closet — the same closet she kept her daughter’s wedding dress. 

“I swear to you, I think I stopped breathing,” Kaisa said after realizing that the groom and his brother-in-law accidentally took the wrong dress and that the grandmother had been buried in it. 

In the second part of the TikTok series, Kaisa says the bride’s brother told her that no one noticed that the dress was incorrect since the funeral was closed casket.

He says their mother had only noticed that her daughter’s dress was missing that morning, and the bride had no idea. 




Kaisa, the groom, and the bride’s brother and mother were on a manhunt to resolve the situation. 

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending. 

Although the original dress could not be reordered on time, Kaisa was able to pull strings and order similar fabrics. 

However, the family made the "executive decision" to come clean to the bride and tell her what happened and had planned to take her shopping for a new dress that weekend. 


Before the weekend rolled around, the bride called Kaisa and asked if her dress could be enlarged since she was pregnant — so she would have always needed to alter her dress even if it had been the correct one!



The story has received a lot of positive feedback from TikTok users. 


“If I were the bride, I’d laugh so hard at this. Honestly, it’s absolutely hilarious for me,” one user wrote. 

“Grandma sent that angel down to assist,” another user commented, referring to the bride’s pregnancy. “Grandma felt bad for wearing her dress forever and wanted to make it up to them.” 

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