Woman Refuses To Invite Her 'Out Of Control' Nephew To Wedding, Causing Feud With Sister

Is she wrong to exclude him?

Woman Causes Feud With Sister After Not Inviting Nephew To Wedding Ann Kosolapova / Shutterstock 

A woman took to Reddit after sparking a feud with her sister after telling her that she did not want her sister’s son at her wedding. 

She claims the reason is because of her nephew’s ‘out-of-control’ behavior. 

Her sister became offended after she was told that her son was not welcome at the wedding and threatened not to attend herself unless her son was invited. 

The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread, “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), seeking the opinion of other users regarding the situation. 


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Users had the choice to give her a “You’re the A–hole” (YTA) rating if they believed that she was wrong or a “You’re Not the A-hole” (YNTA) rating if they thought she was not. 

The woman and her fiance both agreed that their 9-year-old nephew would not be invited to their wedding in 2 months. 

The woman states this decision was made due to her nephew’s behavior. 

“He doesn't listen, can't sit still for even a minute, and is loud,” she wrote. 

She states that her nephew’s behavior has been an issue in the past, including being banned from events, her sister unable to find babysitters that could deal with him, and being suspended from school on multiple occasions. 


The woman’s nephew destroyed her wedding dress with scissors. 

The woman says that she designed her own wedding dress since she is a fashion designer. One day, her sister came over with her nephew and niece unannounced. 

The woman allowed them to enter but told them not to go to the office, as she was working on her dress there. 

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While she was getting snacks for her family in the kitchen and her niece was playing with her daughter, the woman’s nephew disobeyed her orders and went into the office, where he proceeded to cut the dress with a pair of fabric scissors. 


“My sister didn’t even make him apologize and blamed it on me for leaving my scissors in the open in a room he wasn’t even supposed to be in,” she wrote. 

The woman’s sister ‘freaked out’ when she was told her son was not invited. 

She also told the woman that she would not attend the wedding if her son couldn’t go and asked if she was also banning their brother’s son. 

The woman says her sister then took to Facebook, posting that she hated her nephew and wasn't inviting him to her wedding ‘over a dress.’ 

The woman’s sister also complained to their mother, who sided with the sister. 

“My mom agrees with my sister and says that it’s unfair for me to invite my niece but not my nephew and that I’m gonna make my nephew feel like there is something wrong with him,” the woman wrote. 


However, the woman says her brother agrees with her and that not inviting her nephew to the wedding will make their sister take action to resolve her son’s behavior, rather than pretending nothing is wrong. 

“I know how my nephew is, and I don’t want his behavior to risk a day I worked so hard in planning,” the woman concluded her post. 

An overwhelming majority of users believed the woman was “YNTA,” with many defending her decision in the comments. 

“He is totally out of control and his mother is burying her head in the sand over it,” one Redditor commented. 


“A wedding is stressful enough already without this to worry about too. NTA.”  

Other users criticized her sister’s behavior and encouraged her to accept her sister’s offer not to come. 

“Idk that I’d want someone who is ok with their child damaging the bride’s wedding gown and blaming the bride to be at my wedding in the first place, family or not,” another user wrote. 

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