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Woman Hiding Her 8-Month Pregnancy Accused Of Ruining Sister's Baby Shower After Going Into False Labor

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A woman who discovered that she was pregnant intended on sharing the news with relatives at the right time. However, her plans changed when her sister-in-law announced that she was also expecting. 

The woman and her husband decided to keep the news on the down low to avoid stealing the attention at her sister-in-law’s upcoming baby shower. Unfortunately, her plan backfired and the pregnancy was leaked during the baby shower. 

Now she is seeking advice after receiving angry messages from her sister-in-law and other guests. 

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The woman is eight months pregnant and tried to hide her pregnancy during the baby shower. 

Sharing her story to the subreddit thread, r/AmITheA–hole, the 23-year-old woman asked other Reddiotors if she made the right decision by attending the shower in the first place. 

She began her post by revealing that she and her husband had kept the pregnancy a secret for a while before deciding to share the news with family and friends. 

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Although their plans changed when the woman’s 26-year-old sister-in-law announced that she was pregnant as well. 

“It just felt awkward to announce,” the woman wrote following her sister-in-law’s announcement. 

“We wanted to wait for the right time.” 

The woman and her husband’s hesitancy to share their pregnancy also related back to the fact that their last pregnancy ended in stillbirth. 

“When we were 17, we found out I was pregnant I had complications,” she shared.  “I gave birth to my preemie (premature baby) stillborn at 25 weeks.” 

Due to the loss, the couple had been cautious about announcing their pregnancy too early. 

However, as she made it further along in her pregnancy, it became more difficult to hide. 

“I haven’t seen family much these past few months and I carry small, but as I developed a bump I’ve been wearing hoodies and loose clothing,” she wrote. 

The woman and her husband considered backing out of her sister-in-law’s baby shower to avoid stealing all of the attention from her, however, her sister-in-law claimed that she really wanted her to be there. 

“I decided to try my best to hide the bump and go,” she wrote. 

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For most of the shower, the woman revealed that not many guests seemed to notice that she was pregnant, and if they did, they said nothing. 

“I got a few looks but no one asked me anything,” she claims. 

Toward the end of the shower, the woman began experiencing sharp cramps that she believed were labor. 

“I told my husband we need to leave I need to go to the hospital,” she wrote.  “As we were walking a sharp pain hit me and I grabbed the picnic table next to me and almost stumbled over causing attention to myself.” 

Concerned guests approached the woman and her husband, asking if everything was all right. In a panic, her husband accidentally let the cat out of the bag. 

“My husband says, 'She’s pregnant, guys she pregnant, something’s going on, we have to leave.'” 

Thankfully when they arrived at the hospital, her pain had subsided and doctors confirmed that she was experiencing false labor. 

Unfortunately, the woman’s family and guests at the baby shower were not so happy about the pregnancy news and were angry over what happened. 

“My husband and I both had angry texted messages from SIL [sister-in-law] and other guests at the party about us hiding the pregnancy, how messed up it was, and how they couldn’t believe I showed up pregnant and was secret about it,” the woman wrote. “Not one of them asked if I was all right.” 

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Some Redditors believed that the woman should not have attended the shower. 

“You are eight months along, can go into labor any day, and it comes out at your SIL's [sister-in-law’s] baby shower? That is extremely disrespectful,” one user commented. “You should have told them before the shower and offered to not come if it would be an issue.” 

“It doesn’t sound like OP [original poster] had any malicious intent, but going to the baby shower was not a smart move,” another user wrote.

This would have been a good time to deploy a white lie and tell the family ‘so sorry, but I got a migraine at the last minute and can’t come.” 

“Come on. You should have told SIL [sister-in-law] that you were pregnant prior to the event and let her decide if you should come,” another user added. 

However, others believed that the woman should not feel pressured to her announce her pregnancy.

“No, OP [original poster] does not owe anyone her private medical information,” one user shared. “She did not intend to announce her pregnancy at the shower. She went into false labor.” 

“No one is entitled to knowledge about OP's [original poster’s] pregnancy. Unless you think she is lying, this woman freaking lost a baby and she wasn't comfortable telling people about the pregnancy,” another user pointed out.

“How are people this self-centered to worry about SIL's [sister-in-law’s] special feelings?” 

“The fact that someone has a baby shower does not somehow entitle them to information regarding any medical condition that you might have - including but not limited to pregnancy,” another user added. 

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