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Woman Catches Mother-In-Law Stealing From Her On Wedding Day & Asks If She Was Wrong To Call The Police

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Bride on her wedding day

A woman was forced to call the police on her mother-in-law after accusing her of stealing.

The entire debacle was posted to the subreddit 'AITA' (Am I The A-hole), a forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument that has been bothering them.

In her Reddit post, the woman wrote that she, 28, and her husband, 34, had just gotten married.

When he had first proposed to her, the woman's mother had given her a pair of earrings that had been in their family for generations and was worth a good amount of money.

"I felt very honored to be given them and it made me feel closer to my grandmother who had died 2 months prior," she said.

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A couple of months before the wedding, she went dress shopping with her mother, sister, and her mother-in-law, bringing along all of the jewelry she'd be wearing on the big day.

"When I put the jewelry on my mother-in-law kept going on about how gorgeous the earrings were," the woman recalled. "My mother explained the story and how they were a family heirloom passed down generations."

The woman accused her mother-in-law of stealing the earrings on her wedding day.

On the day of the wedding, her mother-in-law was helping her get ready.

Right before the ceremony started, the woman excused herself to go the bathroom, leaving her jewelry in the room with her mother-in-law.

However, when the woman returned, she noticed that the earrings her mother had given her were missing and her mother-in-law had left the room as well.

"I wasn’t sure what had happened but I just thought she maybe got called away to do something. I then noticed my earrings were gone. I knew straight away that she had taken them," she explained.

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She immediately found her mother-in-law and confronted her over the missing earrings, asking to go through her purse to see if they were in there.

Her mother-in-law vehemently refused, clutching her bag tightly to stop the woman from looking through it.

After some time, the woman decided to call the police on her mother-in-law.

Once the police arrived, they ordered the mother-in-law to hand over her bag so they could search through it.

"The police arrived and searched her and the earrings were found in her bag. They were returned to me and they asked if I wanted to press charges," she revealed.

After finding out that her mother-in-law did take the earrings, the woman told police that she wanted to speak with her fiancé first before taking any further action.

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When she told her fiancé what his mother had done, he responded that "he would support" her if she wanted to take legal action.

The woman eventually decided that she'd decide later on and focus her attention on having a good time at her wedding.

Since the incident though, she has been receiving an influx of "threatening messages" from her husband's side of the family.

"My mother-in-law has been sending me extremely hateful texts and I think I want to press charges but I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea," she concluded.

A majority of people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that he was NTA (Not The A-hole).

"If you don't press charges, she will pretend it never happened after a short time," one user wrote.

"Once she thinks she got away with it, she, and the people harassing you will start saying you made up the story of her getting caught stealing."

Another user added, "The fact she's continuing to give you grief despite the fact she was caught red-handed would definitely have me pressing charges."

"They say when people show you who they are, believe them. She has shown you that she is a liar, [and] a thief and that she isn’t afraid to manipulate people by playing the victim card," a third user chimed in.

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