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‘I'm Having Second Thoughts About Marrying My Boyfriend Because Of His Mother’

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Couple at their wedding with their parents

After finding out that her fiance’s brother broke up with his girlfriend because of his mother, one woman is having second thoughts about her wedding.

In-laws can be overbearing at times, but this woman has been a bit worried about her mother-in-law — sharing her story on Reddit’s “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread.

The woman’s mother-in-law added guests to her son's wedding without asking the couple.

The woman explained that her fiance’s mother went into his brother’s email and asked the printer to add guests to the wedding guest list as she knew the password to it.

This didn’t sit well with his girlfriend at that time as her mother-in-law hadn't run any of this through her before doing it.

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The couple had a huge argument about it as the guest list had now tripled and the venue wasn't equipped to handle so many people.

“My fiancé's brother defended their mom and his girlfriend broke up with him over it because it derailed the entire day and there was no way to find a new place to have the wedding on such short notice,” the woman wrote.

She didn’t appreciate that her mother-in-law had invaded their privacy like that.

She even asked her fiance what would have happened if they were in a similar situation.

He just stated that they would have to go along with it as his mother’s intentions weren’t wrong.

However, the couple encountered a similar situation when they were planning their trip abroad.

The woman’s fiance suggested they go to Thailand for their trip because his mother said so.

They were originally planning to go somewhere in America or Europe but the woman's fiance claimed he didn't want to go there.

Instead, he convinced her that they should go to Thailand.

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“He admitted he doesn't even want to go to Thailand but convinced me it was the best idea because his mother said it was,” the woman added.

She tried to bring up the topic of his mother to her fiance, but he avoided talking about it or changed the subject.

As a result, the woman was having second thoughts about her marriage as she doesn’t want her mother-in-law to interfere in other decisions in her life.

Redditors felt sorry for the woman and warned her about her mother-in-law.

One user wrote, “If you're having this many problems now, you'll only have more later once you're married and she feels she gets to have an even bigger say since you're then her ‘daughter’ too.”

Another user wrote, “Marrying that man is signing up for a lifetime of being married to his mother too, and she’s calling the shots. If that’s the life you’re ok with awesome. But if three feels like company, I’d think about walking.”

“Take the brother's relationship as a warning. She's interfering, she's going to interfere/control everything she can and she's got two boys who won't stand up to her,” another user commented.

“This person does not have a mind of their own. Everything he says and does is conditional upon his mother’s approval. Nothing she says or does can be challenged in any way whatsoever. Do not marry this person. You will regret it,” one person wrote.

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