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Woman Angry After Mother-In-Law Did A DNA Test On Her Daughter & Found Out Her Husband Is Not The Father

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After learning that her mother-in-law went behind her back to do a paternity test on her daughter, a distraught mom opened up about her turmoil on Reddit.

She posted her traumatizing story on Reddit’s “r/motherinlawsfromhell” thread, a group in which users share stories about exactly what the subreddit's title suggests.

She shared an update on the “r/TrueOffMyChest” thread, where Reddit users routinely make confessions they don't feel comfortable sharing with people in their life.

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The meddling mother-in-law gave her daughter a DNA test, proving that her son wasn't the father.

“I was SA’d [sexually assaulted] during a burglary while my husband was out with his brother, it was right when I was to be ovulating,” the woman wrote.

She then went to the hospital and got emergency contraception as she didn’t want to get pregnant.

However, several weeks later, she found out that she was in fact pregnant.

The baby could have been her husband’s but the fetus's gestational age made it seem like it was a result of the sexual assault.

“We had our ultrasound and as soon as we saw the baby on the screen I knew I couldn’t have an abortion and my husband didn’t want to either,” the woman explained.

Both of them decided that they would have the baby but didn’t want to do a paternity test.

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However, several years later, the woman’s mother-in-law went ahead and did a paternity test on her daughter.

She had invited the couple out for dinner and asked them to leave their children at home.

“We went to a restaurant we’re eating and my MIL [mother-in-law] hands me and my husband two separate envelopes, my husband and I both look in the envelope and they are DNA comparison results.”

When her mother-in-law revealed that they were her daughter’s and husband’s DNA results and stated that her daughter’s biological father was someone else, she was furious.

She felt insulted and left the restaurant with her husband.

The next day, her husband's mom called him so he went to her house and talked to her about what she did.

His mom was convinced that she had cheated and claimed that's why she did the test. She encouraged him to leave his wife.

In his anger at having to listen to his mom's excuses, the Reddit poster's husband revealed that his wife had been sexually assaulted.

After realizing her mistake, his mom tried to apologize for it but the man didn’t want to hear it.

He told her that he can’t forgive her and that she shouldn’t contact his family from then on.

It had been a hard time for the woman but everyone in her family is doing much better.

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She later told her daughter everything about the sexual assault.

“My daughter said she isn’t upset I didn’t tell her, she’s upset she had to find out when she wasn’t truly ready and she [is] happy I was able to share such a ‘vulnerable, horrible event’ with her,” the woman wrote.

She also made her daughter go to therapy regularly and even after the revelation, her relationship with her dad hasn’t changed, if anything they are in a much better space now.

Anyone affected by sexual assault can find support on the National Sexual Assault Hotline, a safe, confidential service. Contact The Hotline or call 800-656-HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member.

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