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Bride Questions Her Relationship After Learning Why Groom & Mother-In-Law Returned Her Wedding Dress

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Bride trying on wedding dress

Picking out your wedding dress is supposed to be a joyful occasion, but for one bride, it ended in disaster after her fiancé returned her dress and replaced it with one that his mother picked out instead.

Posting to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA), the bride, 28, explained the situation and her subsequent reaction to the bizarre scenario.

The woman's future mother-in-law was adamant about trying to make the wedding perfect.

The bride explained that she and her fiancé, 33, are getting married in December, but his mother has been very involved in the wedding planning and "wasn't willing to agree on most things."

"My fiance said that since he's her only son then I should respect and appreciate this 'vision' she has for the wedding and how it should be," she explained.

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When it came to wedding dress shopping, her fiancé's mother insisted that she wanted to tag along with the bride's mother and friends.

It wasn't long before the bride found the dress that she was happy with, but her future mother-in-law spotted a different dress that she liked even better.

"She picked a dress that she liked so much and said that 'she always pictured her son's bride in it,' mom and friends thought this line was creepy," she continued, adding that she turned down the woman's dress suggestion politely and went with her original choice.

Her fiancé's mother immediately got upset and relayed the events to her son, who in turn, became angry with his fiancée. 

He insisted that the woman wear the wedding dress his mother picked up, even though it wasn't her style.

After arguing about it for some time, the two eventually dropped the topic altogether.

However, when the bride came home one day, she noticed that her fiancé had returned the dress and replaced it with the one her mother-in-law had picked out.

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The bride became enraged, yelling at her fiancé for going behind her back and taking the dress back, even after she explicitly told him that she didn't want to wear the dress his mother liked.

"He got home and we had an argument. I then went to stay with one of my friends and he kept calling and calling than texting saying that I overreacted and it was his wedding too," she said.

Even though the bride should have the final say in what kind of wedding dress she wears while walking down the aisle, the woman's fiancé tried to defend his mother, saying that she had good intentions and just wanted to see her "vision" come true.

Underneath the woman's Reddit post, other users agreed that the bride was NTA (Not the A--hole) for wanting to pick out her own wedding dress.

"I have no idea why you want to marry this man. He clearly has one woman he holds above everyone. And guess what that's not you," one user wrote.

"I am shocked at the audacity of his mother. And even more so of his behavior."

Another user added, "But this isn't really about a dress, is it? This is about boundaries and about a fiance who is already making it clear how you rate compared to his mom."

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