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Woman Reveals How She Learned Mother-In-Law Had Planted A Hidden Camera To Film Her With Her Husband

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Privacy is extremely important in this day and age when everything is just one click away.

So when anybody has their privacy disturbed, it can be extremely upsetting — especially when it’s somebody you know. 

A woman has taken to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) to ask if she’s wrong for refusing to visit her mother-in-law after learning she and her husband's privacy was invaded during a recent visit.

The subreddit is used for people to look for advice and vent about their problems. Users then give them a rating to determine who was in the wrong in their conflict.

Her mother-in-law planted a hidden camera to spy on the wife and husband. 

She learned about the camera while on a trip to her husband's family home — a trip they do every weekend to see both of their parents in their hometown.

She explains that she and her husband have been together for eight years but moved away two years ago due to a change in his job.

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His parents are, as she describes is "very conservative" and so they were never allowed to share a bedroom in their home until they got married.

"Ever since we got married, the rule has changed to that we are not allowed to have sex under their roof as they see it as disrespectful," she explains.

She adds that they almost always spend the night with her in-laws when they are in town, before visiting her parents the following day.

"While visiting we always have a glass of wine at dinner, so driving elsewhere isn’t really an option," she writes.

The last time they visited, her husband noticed that the clock in the room wasn’t working. When they tried to fix it, they noticed there was an SD card and lens behind the clock’s display. 

Her husband didn’t think much of it and decided to show his parents. 

“When he laughingly showed them the camera in the morning - not only were they not surprised but his mom said that they bought it to make sure the house rules were being followed," she writes.

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"I freaked out and confronted her about violating our privacy and my husband was also upset by their distrust and disregard for our personal space."

Now, she is refusing to go over to her mother-in-law’s home for fear that her privacy will be violated again. 

Reddit users all agree she isn’t in the wrong. 

“NTA. Your MIL is a controlling and terrible MIL. You’d be right to never go to her house again,” one user wrote. NTA is awarded to users who are deemed "the a--hole."

Another user wrote about how this could be considered illegal. 

“NTA. But also isn’t it illegal to video someone without their consent — particularly in a bedroom? I would be pressing charges if I could. I can’t believe the husband still goes to see them."

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