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8 Striking Similarities Between Kim Kardashian & Kanye's New Girlfriend, Chaney Jones

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Kim Kardashian, Chaney Jones

Many people on social media have started comparing Kanye West's new girlfriend, Chaney Jones, to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

After dating 'Uncut Gems' star, Julia Fox, who, while dating West, adopted some similarities to Kardashian as well, West started dating 24-year-old model, Chaney Jones. 

They were first spotted together at West's listening party for Donda 2, according to US Weekly, and immediately everyone noticed the striking resemblance between Jones and Kardashian.

It didn't take long for West to confirm his relationship with Jones, posting a since-deleted screenshot of an article about himself and Jones to his Instagram page.

Since then, Jones and West have been spotted out on numerous occasions, and even recently took a trip to Japan together. Though, while their relationship continues to grow, so do the many comparisons of Jones to Kardashian.

Here are 8 eerie similarities between Kim Kardashian and Kanye's new girlfriend, Chaney Jones.

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1. Kanye took Chaney to Nobu — the same restaurant he took Kim to.

Back in April 2022, West took Jones on a date night with some friends to Nobu Malibu, according to Hollywood Life. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a date at Nobu, except for the fact that it's the same place Kardashian and West would often eat at as well.

Kardashian and West were even spotted at Nobu back in October 2021, while the two had been going through their divorce proceedings, according to People.

The dinner outing between Kardashian and West had been described as a friendly excursion, with a source telling People the former couple "acted more like friends."

2. Chaney and Kim are often seen wearing the same styles and brands of clothing.

Many people have found an eerie similarity in the way that Jones and Kardashian dress, although it can probably be attributed to the fact that West often likes to style the women he dates.

If you scroll through Jones's Instagram, she is often wearing all-black ensembles that look rather similar to the all-black Balenciaga outfits that Kardashian sometimes wears.

Though, it's no secret that West frequently styled Kardashian throughout their relationship. According to Harper's Bazaar, West even admitted that he'd be willing to "quit everything" to be Kardashian's full-time stylist in an episode of 'The Kardashians.'

“Kanye wants to quit everything and dedicate his life to being my stylist,” Kim said in the episode.

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3. Chaney and Kim look really similar to each other — so much so that sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. 

Despite the fact that Jones and Kardashian wear similar outfits, it's also the fact that, lookswise, they aren't too far off from each other.

Jones and Kardashian are often seen wearing the same accessories, as well as Jones doing makeup looks that are similar to the style of makeup Kardashian wears.

Though, there are many Instagram influencers and models who, after looking at them for some time, seemingly blend into one person.

Jones herself even laughed off the comparisons between her and Kardashian, telling the paparazzi that she doesn't see any similarities, according to Hollywood Life.

4. Chaney has a college education and is the COO of a business, just like Kim.

According to The Sun, Jones attended the University of Deleware, which she graduated in 2020. 

She majored in elementary education and minored in human development and family studies, where she was on the Dean's List for three years in a row.

Jones is also the COO of First Behavioral Health, a company that "offers counseling provided by trained behavioral professionals." On the company's website, Jones's profile says that she is currently working towards her master's in counseling at Wilmington University.

Many fans found Jones's business endeavors and college education reminiscent of Kardashian, who owns several of her own companies, is currently working towards becoming a lawyer and is often transparent on social media about the hard work she does while in law school.

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5. Fans are pointing out that both Chaney and Kardashian have had similar cosmetic surgeries done.

After people tried to start rumors that Jones had work done to her face, the model took to Instagram to set the record straight.

According to Page Six, Jones claimed she never had cosmetic surgery on her face but did admit to getting a Brazilian butt lift. 

"I think I was 20 here. This was before my BBL,” Jones wrote in an Instagram story post. "Same face, the same nose lol I’ve never been in denial about surgery and to answer everyone’s questions yes I had a BBL but I’ve always been thick before surgery.”

Of course, many people have started pointing out the eerie similarities in cosmetic procedures that Jones and Kardashian have gotten, especially now that Jones admitted to having a BBL. 

6. Kanye took Chaney on a shopping trip to a Balenciaga store in Miami — the same brand Kim Kardashian happens to be the face of.

During the beginning stages of West and Jones being spotted out, the two were photographed shopping in Miami.

According to Page Six, the couple was spotted shopping around in a Balenciaga store before going to get some lunch.

“They walked through Bal Harbour Shops and stopped at Balenciaga and then took the elevator to the second floor to Makoto, where they dined on spicy tuna crispy rice and a few cocktails,” a source told the news outlet.

The bizarre part about this is that during West's relationship with actress Julia Fox, he surprised her with an entire new wardrobe of Balenciaga clothing items. Another bizarre part is that Kardashian was also recently named the new face of the Balenciaga brand.

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7. Chaney Jones described herself as a "muse" — while Kim Kardashian was often referred to as Kanye's "fashion muse". 

In an Instagram post, Jones posted a photo of herself posing in the backseat of a car. However, it wasn't the photo that captured everyone's attention, but the caption where Jones wrote, "his muse."

Although she didn't explicitly say Kanye's name, many people immediately started theorizing that she was alluding to being the rapper's muse. 

The thing is, Julia Fox said the exact same thing while doing an interview on the 'Call Her Daddy' podcast back in February. When host Alex Cooper asked Fox if she would consider herself Kanye's muse, the actress responded, "Yeah, a little maybe. I think so."

People also said the same thing about Kim Kardashian, calling her West's new "fashion muse" while the two had been married.

8. Chaney's favorite color is pink, which happens to be Kim's favorite color, too.

In a TikTok video posted in December 2021, Jones gushed about her favorite color being pink. 



"My obsession with the color pink is unreal,” she captioned the video, showing off her pink Christmas tree, pink roses on her coffee table, pink dishes in her kitchen, a rose-faced Rolex, pink camera, a pink coffee maker, and other pink cookware.

Coincidentally, Kim Kardashian also adores the color pink. While hosting 'SNL,' Kardashian had worn a pink Balenciaga ensemble both during the show and while attending the afterparty. 

She had also released an all-pink Skims range for Valentine’s Day earlier this year, according to Vogue. 

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