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Woman Learns Her Own Father Was Buying Her OnlyFans Content — And Even Paid For A ‘Private Call’

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Karla Ramirez

TikTok users were shocked at this woman’s horrifying story when she uploaded a now-viral video to her TikTok a few days ago.

A young woman on TikTok named Karla Ramierez shared a deeply upsetting discovery that she had recently made.

According to her, her father was a knowing customer and personal client of her adult OnlyFans content, and he’d been doing it over a year.

To those unfamiliar, OnlyFans is a pay-to-view site for users to post content. Due to the potential opportunities to make money as well as the minimal restrictions on adult content, many of its users find it to be an invaluable site for sex work.

Ramirez shared that she had been making sexual content on her account.

The TikToker shared how she learned her father was following her OnlyFans.

Karla was making extra money for herself from posting adult content on the site, but she did not realize that some of that money was coming from her own father.

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She addresses the discovery in her first TikTok on the subject, writing, “the only way I found out is because he had called me to ‘play with myself’ for $150 and I could hear my mom in the background talking on the phone.”

Most of the comments were horrified by the allegations against her father, but not all of them were supportive.

As is unfortunately often the case with people involved in sex work, many people will be judgmental right from the start, and although most of the commenters were able to recognize that her father is in the wrong for purchasing sexual content from his own daughter against her knowledge, some decided to blame her anyway.

One comment, which she later responds to in a follow-up TikTok, told Karla that it was “your fault for doing it,” and that they hoped “king taught you a lesson.”



Ramirez is quick to fire back with very serious allegations against her father, saying that “Your ‘king’ has been sexually attracted to me since I was really young.”

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She goes on describing years of trauma that she experienced growing up, which she claims were at the hands of her father.

She says in the follow-up video that her father used to take her to the houses of friends and girlfriends when she was only around four years old, and “let them touch” her.

The allegations continue when she says he contacted her from fake social media accounts as early as when she was in junior high school, and was demanding of sexual conversations with her, sending her explicit photos of himself.

The original commenter that accused her of being at fault doesn’t seem to have responded, so we can only hope they learned not to blame the victim right away just because they do sex work.

She was traumatized by the call but believes it might have been the only way to learn the true weight of all the allegations.

She goes back to address the recent discovery on OnlyFans, saying that these two accounts she believes to be run by her father “have been clients for a very long time.”

She goes on to say that she believes she might never have known if she hadn’t heard her mother’s voice in the background.

And unfortunately, it all matched up; she had heard her talking on the phone and someone opening a soda can. When she panicked and called her mother immediately after, her mother confirmed that she had just been doing both.

Ramirez reveals in the next follow-up TikTok that her father revealed the second account by accidentally sending the money from a separate account to the one she had made an arrangement with.



As difficult as it was to learn, Ramirez is finding more evidence against her father now. For one example, Ramirez says towards the end of her next follow-up video that child pornography of her was allegedly on his phone. She believes her father that he had sent himself the content from her phone.

Ramirez closes out by confirming that, because of these allegations, there “will be a court case” due to this new evidence.

Sexual abuse of children and minors is incredibly common. According to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN), 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 have experienced sexual abuse from an adult. Girls are far more likely to be victims of sexual abuse; the organization reports that 82% of all victims under 18 are female, and those who do suffer from assault and abuse are more likely to also develop mental health issues like depression, PTSD, and drug abuse.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, assault or violence, please know that there is help and hope. RAINN is available for everyone who needs support. 

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