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Kim Kardashian's Photo Inside Her Toiletry Bag Shows She Is Just Like The Rest Of Us — But Also Not At All

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Kim Kardashian, toiletry bag

At the end of the day, celebrities and normal people like you and me aren't all that different from each other—"we all put our pants on one leg at a time," as the saying goes.

That's even true of Kim Kardashian, as she revealed on Instagram when she shared a glimpse of her travel toiletry bag.

The 41-year-old SKKN and Skims mogul and star of Hulu's "The Kardashians" may be a billionaire, but her toiletry kit is full of the same normal drug store cosmetics and products you and I might buy.

The look inside Kim's bag left some fans surprised by how normal she is,

But they quickly spotted another product that reveals how different her life is as well—and gives yet another indication that Kardashian's not being totally honest about her physical appearance.

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What is in Kim Kardashian's cosmetics bag?

Kardashian's travel cosmetics and toiletry bag show she uses regular products like drug store deodorant, cheap moisturizer and makeup wipes just like the rest of us.



The bag showed glimpses of products that are instantly recognizable to anyone who's been to a CVS or Target. 

Fans spotted a tube of Secret deodorant, a small bottle of Cerave moisturizer, and a packet of Neutrogena makeup wipes.

On the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" subReddit, fans were excited to know their favorite star is just like them when it comes to shopping trips in the health & beauty section.

"A cost conscious kween using cerave" one user commented, while another wrote, "and neutrogena wipes?? and the deodorant?? stars are just like us."

Their surprise is understandable—brands like Neutrogena and Cerave aren't exactly what you'd expect of a billionaire star, especially one with her own skincare line.

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Kardashian's cosmetic bag includes CeraVe, and Neutrogena but no SKKN by Kim products.

Noticeably absent from Kardashian's toiletry bag were any high-end products—including her own SKKN skincare and cosmetics, which led some fans to wonder whether Kim Kardashian even uses her own products.

Sure, deodorant is pretty much deodorant—and if there were a market for a luxury version, Kardashian would of course be cornering it already.

But surely Neiman Marcus carries some absurd $1000-a-packet brand of French-made makeup wipes or something, right?

And moisturizers like La Mer, at nearly $200 an ounce, are legendarily popular among celebrities.



Perhaps Kardashian is just trying to be more frugal, but if that were the case you'd think she'd opt for her own SKKN skincare line.

The high-end line comes at a price point that makes it an affordable splurge for most of us normal folks—most SKKN products go for around $50. 

Yet they were totally absent from Kardashian's toiletry bag—which definitely raised eyebrows, especially since this isn't the first time Kardashian has indicated she doesn't use her own products.

One fan wrote, "Does nothing in her SKKN line cover [Cerave]?!" To which another fan replied, "No chance she actually uses that."

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Kardashian had the prescription eyelash-lengthening medication Latisse in her toiletry bag.

Some fans think it's evidence Kardashian isn't being honest about plastic surgery and beauty treatments.

Kardashian has repeatedly claimed to have never had surgery, fillers or any cosmetic medical interventions beyond Botox—despite all evidence to the contrary.



Kardashian is so dedicated to cultivating an image of all-natural beauty that she even insisted her famously long eyelashes are real in an August 2022 interview with Allure.

Allure's Danielle Pergament was in such disbelief over Kardashian's denial of having done anything to get her dazzlingly long eyelashes, Kardashian became emphatic.

“No. I’ve never had eyelash extensions," she told Pergament. "I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today."

The presence of Latisse in her toiletry bag makes that claim seem highly suspect, of course, and fans on Reddit are definitely not buying it.

As one put it, "When she says she uses a 'drop of mascara' she means she’s using a very tiny drop of Latisse... She doesn’t mean mascara at all."

Others were a bit more direct, calling Kardashian's claim "a flat out lie," and one they also found difficult to understand. 

She could just be transparent and say that she uses [Latisse]," one fan wrote, "and no one would be complaining."

She may be using the same drug-store moisturizer as the rest of us, but there's is definitely still more to Kim Kardashian's look than meets the eye.

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