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Woman Compares Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Micro Bikini To A Tortilla Chip & Fans Are Asking Who It's Supposed To Fit

Photo: TikTok & Instagram
Kim Kardashian, SKIMS micro bikini

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line SKIMS proclaims to be a body-positive and inclusive fashion brand, focusing on shapewear and lingerie. 

The brand presents itself as a part of the movement towards inclusivity, diversity, and representation in the fashion industry.

SKIMS even has a collection called “Fits Everybody.”

The collection advertises itself as being a “buttery soft, molds-to-your-body fabric that stretches to twice its size.”

Kardashian launched SKIMS in June 2019 as a way to “deliver a product that I myself would wear on an everyday basis.”

The brand has, from time to time, received high praise — and it deserves it too. The size range is expansive, XXS to 4X. The colorways are reflective of a range of skin tones and the marketing campaigns showcase a range of bodies. 

But, SKIMS occasionally falls short.

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The size of the SKIMS Micro Thong Bikini has been compared to a tortilla chip.

One fan posted a scathing visual critique of the SKIMS Micro Thong Bikini set on TikTok by comparing the underwear to snack food for scale.

TikTok user @bbysarita is a self-described health and beauty software engineer and Kardashian family fan. 

By covering the bikini top and thong bottom with a Trader Joe’s brand Restaurant Style tortilla chip, Sarita showed the true size of the Micro Thong bottom and bikini top. 



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She described the chip as “about Dorito size.”

Various TikTok users responded positively to Sarita's critique of the “Fits Everybody” bikini set. 

The green screen video, in which Sarita tagged Kim Kardashian, SKIMS, and Trader Joe's, has over 880,000 likes.

“Not a single part of my body would be hidden,” commented one user.

“Even Khloe told Kim the SKIMS bottoms are too small,” noted another user.

“Floss is cheaper,” joked a different commenter.

In a follow-up video, Sarita tries on the controversial item and lets fans know that it is wildly impractical — but good if you're avoiding tan lines!



“I would probably wear at a private pool — not a beach,” she said. “These bottoms I would wear in my backyard for cute tan lines. I would never wear this in public.”

The Fits Everybody Micro Thong Bottom retails at $14. The Micro Triangle Bikini Top costs $36. 

According to Forbes Magazine in 2019, Kardashian’s launch into shapewear has been a success due to its “innovative styles, accessible pricing, inclusive sizing, and diverse shades.”

In an apparent example of SKIMS’ inclusiveness, Kardashian posted a photo to her Instagram grid featuring six models with different body shapes and skin colors. 

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Yet the bras worn by the models don’t seem to actually fit well. 

One Instagram follower commented on the “excessive spilling” that the bra models experienced in the Instagram post. 

The Micro Thong bottom in particular has been called out as too small to fit most bodies. 

Yet, many plus-sized women have praised SKIMS other products.

For every TikTok calling out the Micro Thong, there are many more from customers who have been astounded by SKIMS' products.

Another viral review from TikTok user @helloamandaleigh showed off the SKIMS sculpting bodysuit in size 2X.

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“This is a 2X/3XL and I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit my two-year-old daughter,” she initially shared in disbelief.

Yet when she tried it on, Leigh was impressed.

"This is very good, I really like this. I feel tight and it’s really high quality," she stated. "My jeans went on smooth, I didn’t have to fold my belly into the jeans first, they zipped right on up."

So, in defense of SKIMS, they are achieving a lot of what they set out to. Products in their "micro" categories are exactly as described — micro. But it seems there's enough variety in the brand for everyone!

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