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Fans Spot 'Proof' That Kim Kardashian Doesn't Use Her Own Skincare Line In Background Of Instagram Story

Photo: Instagram
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian fans are skeptical about the reality TV star’s new skincare line after observing an interesting detail in one of her recent Instagram stories.

Kardashian launched “SKKN By Kim” in June and has been busily sharing details about the products and reviews from customers in an attempt to advertise her newest business venture.

However, the line has also been subjected to some criticism over its lack of sustainability and its infringement on other businesses.

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But now, fans have another concern — does the company’s founder even use the products?

Kim Kardashian posted a video showing beauty products but there was no sign of SKKN.

The beauty mogul shared an Instagram story showing off a silver SKIMS bodysuit in a mirror selfie. 


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Eagle-eyed and inquisitive fans focused on the background of the post.

In the background of the photo, which was taken in a hotel room, an assortment of cosmetic products can be seen lining the bathroom counter but, curiously, none of the products appear to be made by SKKN, the mom-of-four’s own company.

Kardashian has posted promotional videos claiming to use products from SKKN’s nine-step routine daily but this Instagram post may tell a different story.

Kardashian’s photo appears to feature a Cetaphil moisturizer container, which retails for roughly $15, instead of her own $85 face cream.

There are also several other containers that don’t look similar to any of the products sold by SKKN.

The cost of Kardashian’s products has drawn ire from fans who aren’t willing to pay $673 for a bundle of the entire collection.

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Now, according to fans on Reddit, the allegation that even the skincare line’s billionaire owner does not use the products has only added to this frustration.

“Cetaphil moisturizer,” one fan wrote, “And yet you expect us to drop 100 bucks on SKKN moisturizer.”

However, others defended her by pointing out that Kardashian has spoken at length about struggling with psoriasis and Cetaphil is well known to help ease flare-ups. SKKN also does not sell a body moisturizer so it’s possible Kardashian still uses the face cream created by her brand.

That being said, in the official press release for SKKN, Kardashian hinted that having psoriasis inspired her skincare line.

"What began as a psoriasis diagnosis became the catalyst for my journey of skincare discoveries, inspiring me to learn more about my skin and how to care for it,” she stated.

So, it seems somewhat ingenuine if Kardashian does not trust her own products to treat her skin.

Of course, we don’t know for sure if the products in the photo are being used by Kardashian, some fans even teased that they could be Pete Davidson’s, nor can we see enough of her bathroom to know for sure that there are no SKKN product. Maybe she just forgot them at home!

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