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Kim Kardashian Reportedly Seen In Miami On Night Of Kanye West's 'Donda 2' Listening Event

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Millions of people tuned into Kanye West’s “experience performance” listening event for the sequel to his most recent album — a tribute to his mother, Donda.

The Donda 2 extravaganza had the whole world watching — celebrities from all over the country flew down to Miami in order to witness the concert, but there was only one celebrity that people were unsure would show her face there.

West ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, is well-documented to have been supportive of the rapper's career, even post-breakup.

However, fans were curious whether the brewing tensions between the two would change that. 

Was Kim Kardashian at Kanye West's 'Donda 2' listening party in Miami?

According to an anonymous source who responded to celebrity gossip guru Amanda Hirsch’s story on Instagram — in DeuxMoi style — Kardashian was in Miami with her and West's daughter, North, on the night of the event.

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However, here’s no real confirmation that Kardashian was actually at the event, but a lot of people discussed what it would mean if she really was there with North.

Kardashian has been known to be an avid supporter of Kanye in the past — she went to all of the original Donda listening parties and even dressed in a full wedding gown and veil for him.

When Kardashian performed at SNL, he stayed with her all week, so the support goes both ways — or at least it once did.

Kardashian has also made it clear that she wants to co-parent with West as best as they can and create a healthy environment for their kids to grow up in.

“You could be so hurt or angry at your ex, but I think in front of the kids, it always has to be ‘Your dad’s the best,’ ” she explained to Vogue in an interview earlier this month. “Make sure you are your co-parent’s biggest cheerleader, no matter what you’re personally going through.”

Kanye West even gave a shoutout to Kim Kardashian on 'Donda 2.'

While West and Kardashian haven’t exactly been seeing eye-to-eye recently with West's relentless verbal attacks on her parenting style and her relationship with Pete Davidson, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see North and Kardashian together for North’s father’s listening party.

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West even included a sample of Kardashian’s SNL monologue on Donda 2 where she talked about him being a genius, the richest Black man in the country, and thanked him for their four kids.

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Although he has a bit of a rough spot for the SNL comedian that’s dating his ex-wife, this felt like a shout-out to Kardashian as well as his own little ego boost.

Not only that, but Kris Jenner was also spotted in Miami.

The matriarch of the Kardashian family, Kris Jenner, was spotted landing in Miami on Kylie Jenner’s private jet with her boyfriend Corey Gamble on the same day that West was set to perform his Donda 2 listening event, according to The Sun.

West recently started some drama with Jenner and Gamble, posting on Instagram about rumors that Gamble had cheated on Jenner — addressing a video of someone who is believed to be him kissing another woman.

It’s unknown why Jenner and Gamble were in Miami, but it strengthens the rumors that Kardashian was there too if her own mother was spotted there at the same time.

Whether it was really Kardashian and North or one of the many Kim look-a-likes Kanye has been spotted with, one can’t say for sure, but either way, Kardashian has always done her best to support her ex-husband for their relationship as co-parents and for their kids.

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