All The Lyrics On ‘Donda’ That Kanye West Wrote About Kim Kardashian & Calling Off Their Divorce

"You'd never live up to my ex."

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‘Donda’ might be Kanye West’s first album since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean the reality TV star is no longer West’s muse. 

Kardashian and West have been somewhat inseparable in the lead up to the rapper’s album release.

From lunch dates together to recreating their wedding in front of a stadium of fans, Kimye have done plenty to fuel rumors that they’re back together.


And West’s album, featuring many lyrics about Kardashian, will certainly keep the rumor mill turning.

Lyrics on Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ about Kim Kardashian.

Here is your run down of the songs and lyrics Kanye wrote about Kim on ‘Donda.’ 


"Architectural Digest, but I needed home improvement / Sixty-million-dollar home, never went home to it."


West and Kardashian featured their Los Angeles home on Architectural Digest in 2020 but West was largely reported to have been spending most of his time at the couple’s Wyoming ranch that year.

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West seems to acknowledge that he needed to work on himself and, now that reports claim the pair are calling off their divorce, his home improvement might be complete!

“Fiendin' for some true love, ask Kim, 'What do you love?' / Hard to find what the truth is, but the truth was that the truth suck / Always seem to do stuff, but this time it was too much."


The direct name shoutout says it all. 

West seems to hint that his chaotic antics may have pushed Kardashian too far as she filed for divorce months after his high profile mental health battle and outlandish tweets

"Here I go actin' too rich, here I go with a new chick."

West was linked to model Irina Shayk after separating from Kardashian but the pair have since split, according to reports. 

Off The Grid

"Had to move away from people that's miserable."

West seems to reference his move to Wyoming which preceded this dissolution of his marriage.

The rapper also fell out with Kardashian’s family during this time after he posted some scathing tweets about his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner. 


"I pray that my family they never resent me/ And she fell in love with me as soon she met me."

West may be referring to Kardashian and their children here. The former couple were friends for years before dating and West has often said it was love at first sight for him. 

New Again

"'Cause you know you'd never live up to my ex though."

West seems to address a new lover in this song and tells them they will never compare to Kardashian.

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Come To Life

"Brought a gift to Northie, all she want was Nikes."

Though not a direct reference to Kardashian, West raps about their first born daughter here. 


West famously had a high profile feud with Nike and refused to wear their products for years. This line possibly hints at his family becoming more distant from him in the wake of his divorce. 

Lord I Need You

"When you said give me a ring, you really meant a ring, huh? / Turned out to be more than just a fling, huh?”

I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory. Kardashian and West may have started as a fling but a ring and four kids later, we’re all hoping they rediscover that original spark soon!

"You had a Benz at sixteen, I could barely afford an Audi."

West contrasts his upbringing to Kardashian’s. The reality star was gifted a BMW by her father at age 16. Luckily, they’re both billionaires now!


“Time and space is a luxury / But you came here to show that you still in love with me.”

West rapped this lyric at one of his listening parties while Kardashian watched from the audience… aww. West seems to hint that the couple’s time apart has only made them stronger.

“We used to do the freak like seven days a week.”


I don’t don’t think we need to dissect this any further.


"Better that I change my number so you can't explain."

West reportedly changed his number to avoid Kardashian’s calls after she filed for divorce. 

"Guess who's getting 'exed? / You made a choice that's your bad, single life ain't so bad."

West likely refers to himself here as Kardashian separated from him. However, if the rumors are to be believed, the rapper won’t be living the single life for much longer. 

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