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Taylor Swift's Former Classmate Explains Why 'Most People Hated Her' During High School

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Jessica McLane, Taylor Swift

With the recent release of her new album “Midnights,” there is no denying that Taylor Swift has an adoring fanbase. 

However, a former classmate of the pop star has revealed that most of the student body who attended high school with her were not fans of Swift before she got her big break.

Taylor Swift's former classmate says 'most people hated her' at their school.

In a TikTok video, Jessica McLane, who grew up in the same town as Swift and attended high school with her, claims that most of her classmates believed Swift's songs were petty.

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McLane reveals that although she was classmates with Swift, she doesn’t know much about the singer or her music, especially growing up. 

“I was a church kid, I didn’t really listen to Taylor Swift, kinda just got into Taylor Swift, so give me some grace,” she says. 



In 2006, McLane was a freshman in high school and Swift was a junior. Her hit song “Teardrops on my Guitar” was released that summer. 

“Obviously [Swift] got really big, and that’s the year that she left school and was homeschooled,” McLane says. 

However, after the song’s release and Swift’s departure from public school, her classmates did not take a liking to her. 

“Something you need to know about Henderson High School, when she first started becoming super successful, most people hated her,” McLane shares.

“Keep in mind, these are her peers, these aren’t just some random people on the Internet.” 

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“She’s literally, 16 or 17 leaving school to pursue a career that people are telling her that she could never have.” 

Classmates allegedly didn't like how Taylor Swift sang about her exes.

A significant reason Swift’s classmates didn’t like her was that her lyrics were petty and portrayed those she dated that attended high school with her in a negative light. 

“The guys she was writing songs about, they were still in school. And now they have a hit song about them talking about what a s—ty boyfriend they are,” McLane says. 

“There are a lot of rumors going around about how she got her start in the first place…the fact remains is that there were not a lot of people in high school who had nice things to say about her.” 

McLane reveals that in 2009 when she was a senior in high school, her class was invited by Swift to the 2009 CMA Awards, where she was performing her song “Fifteen.” 

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“We were all really excited, who gets invited by Taylor Swift to the CMAs? That’s really cool,” McLane says. 

However, she believed it was “very random” of Swift to invite her class, given most of her classmates disliked her. 

She points out that 2009 is the year that Swift “killed the game” and was the recipient of numerous music awards, including Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Music Video of the Year. 

“Her performance was incredible,” McLane says. 

It was only this year when Swift announced that she was releasing her album “Midnights” on Kim Kardashian's birthday — with whom she has feuded before — that McLane realized that there was a petty side to the singer and that everything she did was intentional. 

“She invited us to the CMAs to say f–k you,” McLane shares. “And we deserved it.” 

“So to Taylor, touche, that was a good one.” 

TikTokers defended Swift in the comments section.

“As she should! Stay petty girl,” one user wrote. “No better revenge than success,” another user pointed out. 

“People always hate on people doing big things because they’re mad it’s not them. They wanna do big things? Then do it!!” another user shared. 

McLane posted a follow-up video explaining that jealousy was also a major factor as to why many people did not like her. 



“The 16 and 17-year-olds that were trying to have a career in music at Hendersonville were playing downtown or playing at the local coffee shop not winning awards,” McLane says. 

“And it’s not that these people weren’t talented it’s just that most people don’t make it.” 

McLane added that people also liked to spread the occasional rumor that Swift was “mean” and “unpleasant” as a result of their jealousy. 

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