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9 Strict Rules Taylor Swift Makes Her Employees Follow

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Taylor Swift

Being a megastar requires a lot of hard work and discipline. You need the right people on your team and strict rules to keep things running seamlessly.

Taylor Swift is always in the headlines, and it is not always good news. Her public persona is plagued with ups and downs. Swift runs a tight ship where employees know to keep their mouths shut. But over the years some interesting rules have been shared by people who have worked with her.

Strict rules Taylor Swift makes her employees follow

1. Swift's employees have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Rumor has it that all of Swift’s intimate partners must sign a non-disclosure agreement. It’s no surprise that she holds her employees to the same standards.

It’s common practice for companies to require NDAs from all of their employees. Swift is no different and is smart for making them sign on the dotted line. With so many people in close proximity to the star, it’s necessary that she make sure her copyrights and secrets are safe.

In 2014, Swift notably had journalists sign NDAs before getting an advance listen of Swift's original "1989" release.

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2. Only pretty people need apply.

In a 2016 Star Magazine interview, an alleged former assistant to Swift claimed that her ego “is so huge that really believes she’s above average-looking people.” She went on to say that Swift uses pretty models as “wallpaper in the background” and surrounds herself with people she finds attractive.

The assistant does concede that Swift will make an exception if the person is successful. She uses the singer’s relationship with Lena Dunham to drive that point home.

3. Don’t mess with her coffee.

Swift is known to be very particular about her coffee. As a matter of fact, she once teamed up with Starbucks to sell her very own “Taylor’s Latte” in celebration of her “Red (Taylor’s Version)” album. The drink is simple: a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. It is sixteen ounces and includes four pumps of caramel and a splash of nonfat milk.

Reportedly, an unstated rule that no one who works for Swift changes her coffee order. She wants it to come out exactly the same every time.

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4. You must love cats.

If you have an aversion to cats, working for Taylor Swift might not be the best career choice for you. She is a huge cat lover and wants her employees to feel the same about them. At last check, Swift was the proud owner of three cats, two Scottish folds that she lovingly named Meredith Gray and Olivia Benson, and a Ragdoll that she calls Benjamin Button.



So, anyone that wants to work with her must love cats. They have to be comfortable around her exotic cats and learn the dos and don’ts of caring for them.

5. Don’t bring her a Pepsi.

The age-old battle between Coca-Cola and Pepsi is over in Swift’s eyes. She had made it clear that she is “Team Coke” and everyone around her knows it. Swift became a brand ambassador for Coke in 2013. The company made her the face of their ‘Stay Extraordinary’ campaign and formed a long-term partnership with her. It’s understandable that she would ban Pepsi products for her team. It’s not just personal, it's also business.

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6. No recordings or pictures allowed.  

You might have guessed that Swift keeps her upcoming projects under lock and key until they are ready for public consumption. Since stepping into the music industry, Swift has been bombarded with copyright claims and lawsuits, so it makes sense that she is protective of her work.

“I have a lot of maybe-/maybe-not-irrational fears of security invasion, wiretaps, people eavesdropping,” Swift once told Jimmy Kimmel.

Staff members are allegedly prohibited from recording when she is in the studio or working on an upcoming project. Swift does her best to avoid leaks since they can ruin a record release, going so far as to blast heavy metal music during album listening parties so those not on the list can't record anything from outside.

Even fellow artist and celebrity Ed Sheeran was subject to these rules when collaborating with Swift, revealing that he once had to listen to a song they worked on together through headphones attached to an iPad in a locked briefcase.

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7. You have to support women.

Swift has been known for publicly endorsing women’s empowerment. She has talked openly about her goal to fight sexism in the music industry. Her own battle with music industry investor Scooter Braun opened her eyes to the misogyny of the profession and she has vowed to combat sexist behavior ever since.

All of Swift’s female employees are reportedly close to her and make up her "girl gang." They lean on each other for support with issues only another woman can understand.

8. Fashion faux pas are a no-no.

Whether walking down the street or standing out at an awards show, Swift always makes an entrance. Over the years she has become known as a style icon. Her glam crew is fully aware of her high standards and does not disappoint. Swift must be styled to her precise instructions.

In 2018, the owner of one of Swift's favorite fashion brands, Faith Connexion, claimed Swift is extremely hands-on when it comes to her style.

"We deal with her directly, too, choosing and picking different pieces. She's been requesting more and more because she loves it," Faith Connexion president Maria Buccellati told Page Six.

She avoids the dingy or grungy looks in favor of chic and classy. Understanding her unique style is a prerequisite for joining her fashion squad.

9. Swift's staff has to respect her fans.

Whereas some celebrities are known for their rude behavior towards fans, Swift is reportedly the exact opposite. In fact, Greg Dent, Swift's former bodyguard, went so far as to say Swift is "too fan-friendly."

“She would stop for them under any circumstances," Dent said while testifying in a trial involving Swift and DJ David Mueller. "Too fan-friendly for me.”

Swift's former manager Rick Barker has said something of the same, noting that Swift goes above and beyond to make sure her fans get the most out of their meet-and-greets. 

"One of the things that Taylor is insistent upon is that [the fans are] not rushed," Barker told Pollstar, via PopCrush. "You know, they obviously can't spend five or ten minutes individually but she never wants to make them feel like it's a cattle call."

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