Taylor Swift Makes Subtle Jab At Kim Kardashian & Harry Styles In New Album Announcement

Look what they made her do...

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Fans think Taylor Swift is taking aim at Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles in her upcoming album after announcing its scheduled release.

Swift took to social media to reveal that her new album, "Midnights" will be out on October 21, adding that the album will tell "the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life."

However, for fans of the artist — who is known to be very strategic when it comes to album drops — the release date is causing some theories to spawn.


Taylor Swift's album release lands on key dates for Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles.

October 21 is Kardashian's birthday and the day Styles's movie "My Policeman" hits theatres. 


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Swift isn't one to hold back when it comes to calling out former nemeses in her music and previously released an album on Scooter Braun's birthday, allegedly as a means of continuing their years-long feud.


Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift fell out in the past.

In 2016, on National Snake Day, Kardashian famously released audio recordings of Swift appearing to agree to be named Kanye West's song "Famous," in response to Swift insinuating she didn't approve of the lyrics.

In the song, Kardashian's then-husband raps, "I made that b-tch famous," in reference to the singer.

After Kardashian released the recording, Swift doubled down by pointing out that West never laid out the lyrics and claimed she didn't approve of being called "that b-tch."

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The two appear to have squashed the beef in years since with Kardashian saying in 2021 that she's a fan of Swift's music.


However, when it comes to sleepless nights, we'd have to assume that Kardashian dropping the recordings kept Swift awake so it's possible the billionaire businesswoman is getting a shoutout.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dated briefly in 2012.

As for Styles, the singer might have kept Swift up at night after he allegedly dumped her following a row while on vacation — Swift was famously photographed traveling home alone. Swift later revealed that she felt anxiety when dating Styles due to the attention on their relationship.

However, the former couple never seemed to share bad blood since the split with both writing somewhat affectionate songs that are allegedly about the relationship — Swift's "Style" and Styles' "Ever Since New York."


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