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9 Strict Rules Khloe Kardashian Makes Her Daughter, True, Follow

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 9 Strict Rules Khloe Kardashian Makes True Thompson Follow

When it comes to parenting her 4-year-old daughter, True Thompson, Khloe Kardashian likes to be hands-on with some strict rules.

Many of the rules Kardashian has for True vary from a strict schedule for when she goes to bed, and if she could appear on the family's former reality show, 'KUWTK.'

Here are 9 strict rules Khloe Kardashian makes True follow.

1. True must abide by a strict bedtime and mealtime schedule. 

In Khloe Kardashian's 'Mom Confessions' interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kardashian revealed that she likes having a strict schedule and sticking to it.

"I am really strict. I have a schedule. I'm very militant with how I parent True, and I believe that a schedule saves everything," Kardashian said.

Part of that means having a set bedtime and mealtime routine for True, and it definitely helps with keeping her in check.

Along with her regimented schedule, Khloe is passionate about organization, and like it or not, her daughter is picking up some of those tendencies along the way too. Khloe explained that at just three years old, True was already showing signs of being organized herself, and is often seen tidying up her toys in her room. 

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2. She isn't allowed to watch episodes of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'

In a post shared to Khloe Kardashian's app, which has since shut down, Kardashian revealed that she won't let True watch episodes of 'KUWTK' until she is much older.

"My child will be 13 when they watch their first episode of KUWTK," she said, according to Marie Claire.

Kardashian didn’t clarify why she chose that specific age or why she doesn’t want True to watch the family’s show before then, but it could be related to Kardashian wanting to talk to True about certain things that are depicted on the show before she watches it, like the drama between her and True's father, Tristan Thompson.

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3. True is not allowed to call Kris Jenner "grandma."

In an interview with People, via Daily Mail, Kris Jenner shared that she isn't quite a fan of the term "grandma" and would rather her grandchildren call her something else.

"They call me Lovey and [Caitlyn] is Grandpa. At first, I was Grandma, and all of a sudden I didn't like the way that sounded, my mom had a friend called Lovey, and I thought that was the cutest name."

Despite Jenner having coined the name before True was born, we can probably assume that Khloe's daughter probably also uses the new nickname.

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4. She has to keep her distance from cameras and paparazzi whenever possible.

At the premiere for 'The Kardashians', Khloe was photographed holding 4-year-old True while on the red carpet and was met with an influx of backlash, according to Today.

Kardashian tweeted out after receiving criticism, writing, "For the people who comment that I hold True too much… number 1 I’m gonna hold my baby until I can’t hold her anymore."

"Number 2 when there’s tons of cameras around, flashing lights, (paps) yelling things…I want my baby to feel safe. Worry about your own children. We good over here.”

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5. Khloe is very strict with what she posts about True on social media.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, Kardashian opened up about what she chooses to share on social media about True.

"I’ve learned that you can’t just post anything because people will comment and say the craziest things! I’m like, 'What are you talking about?'" Kardashian told the publication.

"I remember I posted a video of her talking – she was eating cut-up grapes and people were going, 'Cut the grapes, she’s going to choke.' And I was like, 'They’re cut!' I’m not going to let my child choke. People give unsolicited commentary no matter what you do. So I try and keep True stuff as clear and simple as I can for her sake. I don’t want that energy on my child. Leave her alone."

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6. True needs to spend a lot of quality one-on-one time with her mom.

Despite her busy schedule, Khloe Kardashian makes sure that she has enough time in her day to be with True.

"If I have a crazy work week with more limited time with True, I clear out my weekend. Some things are non-negotiable for me," Kardashian told Cosmopolitan UK. 

"I try and take her to every gymnastics class and I schedule things around her schedule – I live and die by a schedule! Every single day, everything is accounted for and that gives me a sense of peace because there are typically no surprises."

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7. She needs to value her family above all else.

In an interview with Health, Kardashian shared that her priority is teaching True about the importance of family, and spending time with everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

"Even though she's young, she definitely knows about family. As kids, family was always at the core of every conversation. No matter what, you support one another," Kardashian told the publication.

"My sisters have gotten into some brutal, literally punching fights. But you get over it—there's no other option. And we're raising the cousins to almost feel like they're siblings," she continued. "I don't care if they disagree— that's inevitable. And, of course, I want them to talk through their feelings and feel validated."

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8. Conversations around body positivity are important to have between True and Khloe.

Khloe herself has been open about her struggles with her own body image, and with her daughter, she doesn't want True to go through the same things she did.

"When it comes to food—I had so many issues. It wasn't from one person, I guess just from society or how people critiqued my body," Kardashian told Cosmopolitan UK.

"So, I don't play when it comes to True. She's very tall. People will always say, "She's so big." And I'll say, "Oh, she's so tall." I try to make them more descriptive. I know what an adult means when they say that, but I don't want her to misinterpret that."

Khloe also explained that even though she wasn't allowed to wear makeup until she turned 14, she's allowing True to wear it for fun. "Makeup is supposed to be fun. We're already all beautiful. I think people take [makeup] too seriously or they judge it too harshly," Kardashian said.

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9. True's expected to have a strong work ethic.

Khloe knows what it takes to be successful as she balances her multiple jobs, shows, family life, and co-parenting responsibilities, so she hopes to pass on that hard work ethic to True as well. With the added bonus of True's dad, Tristan, being a professional basketball player, it's no doubt that True will inherit the same passion for working hard as both of her parents.

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