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Ellen DeGeneres Branded A ‘Bully’ For Prank That Caused Kim Kardashian To Walk Off Her Show

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Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian

Everyone who watches ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ knows how much of a prankster DeGeneres is. She jokes around and plays many practical jokes on celebrities.

However, some of her pranks may go too far. Kim Kardashian has recently become a victim of one of DeGeneres' pranks.

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In an interview, DeGeneres scared Kardashian with a spider. However, it didn’t end well as Kardashian has a phobia of spiders. 

Kim Kardashian walked off the set after Ellen DeGeneres’ prank.

DeGeneres and Kardashian had been reminiscing about the other times Kardashian had been on the show. 

Kardashian then brought up the time DeGeneres had pranked Kris Jenner. The two then watched the video of Jenner getting hurt by DeGeneres’ prank. Kardashian, then revealed that Jenner had had knee surgery at the time.

Before the show could advance any further, Kardashian forbid DeGeneres to prank her as she could see where the conversation was heading.

However, DeGeneres then brought up that she wanted to help Kardashian get over one of her fears, which was spiders.

Kardashian immediately refused while getting scared and uncomfortable in her seat. DeGeneres then brought up a box that seemed to contain a spider. Seeing that, Kardashian quickly got up from her seat while backing away from DeGeneres.

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Kardashian said, “No! We’ve been through this before. I don’t care. I don’t care to get over my fear.”

After the repeated denials from Kardashian, DeGeneres continued with her prank as she opened the box. DeGeneres even went as far as taking the spider in her hands and throwing it at Kardashian.

After which, Kardashian let out a yell and ran as far away as she could. DeGeneres then mentioned that she had only been pretending to hold a spider while laughing.

While it seemed funny to DeGeneres, Kardashian didn’t enjoy it much. As a result, she bid the audience goodbye and walked off the stage.

Many fans also didn’t appreciate the prank and criticized DeGeneres on social media. 

Many internet users referred to DeGeneres as a ‘bully’ and started a conversation about how the talk show host should have respected Kardashian's boundaries when she said 'no'.

Fans claimed that while they may seem like pranks, the person going through them doesn’t think so.

One person commented, "Nope. Not even remotely funny Ellen. It is absolutely NOT OK to make fun of people’s phobias. This makes me so incredibly uncomfortable and props to Kim for leaving so gracefully."

This also wasn't the first time DeGeneres pulled a prank on Kardashian.

Ellen DeGeneres has played a similar prank on Kim Kardashian back in 2018.

When Kardashian went on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ in 2018, the same thing happened. 

DeGeneres scared Kardashian while claiming that she had a spider in her hand. Kardashian said, “I’m deathly afraid of spiders. Don’t try me right now.”

Kardashian had been so terrified that she got up from her seat and started yelling. As DeGeneres inched closer to Kardashian, she backed away more while trying to stop DeGeneres.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop. My dress is falling off,” Kardashian yelled.

However, DeGeneres still went closer, which resulted in Kardashian going into the audience. Eventually, DeGeneres revealed that she was just pretending to hold a spider. 

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