Server Lies To Customers About Being Punched In The Face After He Forgets To Put In Their Order & They Tip Him $160

The server told a crazy lie and got a crazy reward in return.

Server Lied To Customers And Got A Big Tip @deanredmonds / TikTok

There are several common white lies that servers tell their customers. For example, they might lie about the broken milkshake machine, passing the customer’s suggestion on to the chef, the kitchen losing the customer’s order ticket, or that the customer’s order is their favorite thing on the menu. 

But one server took a little white lie to the extreme and lied about being punched in the face.

TikToker and server Dean Redmond (@deanredmonds) posted a video that detailed the “craziest lie” he ever told a customer. He had just taken the order of a bachelorette party of 22 people when he suddenly got acid reflux and had to go throw up. When he got back to work, his manager was furious because he kept another table waiting. 


Forgetting to give the ticket of the bachelorette party’s order to the kitchen, he took the other table’s order. When he realized his error, the bachelorette party had already been waiting 15 minutes, which is like “an hour in restaurant time,” he claimed. 

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In the video he posted, Redmond sprinted to the kitchen and told the staff to put in that order first. Then he begged his coworker to help him rectify the situation.

Redmond’s coworker applied makeup to his eye to make it look like he was punched in the face and received a black eye.


He ran up to the bachelorette party’s table and exclaimed, “Guys I’m so sorry but someone just punched me in the eye cause I forgot to put their order in.” The customers were taken aback and asked if he was serious. He continued the lie and said yes but he wanted to update them on their food. 

The customers were concerned and told Redmond to put an icepack on his eye. When Redmond brought the customers their food, he had an ice pack on his eye. “They’re like hysterically clapping for me being like you’re amazing,” he recalled. The customers gave him $160 as a tip for his performance.

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The users in the comments were praising Redmond for his performance. One user wrote, “you weren’t lying, you were acting and gave them a wonderful performance and a great story.” 


Another user mentioned that they need to invest in improv classes as a fellow server. It can be assumed that they wrote that so they can pull off stunts like Redmond’s too. “This is genius,” a third user said.

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Servers face unnecessary pressure to not make mistakes.

In retrospect, this is quite a funny and effective way to cover up Redmond’s oversight. On the flip side, it is really sad that Redmond had to go to such lengths to cover up an error.

The fact that the customers wouldn’t understand that Redmond made a mistake goes to show how much pressure servers are under to make a good impression on their customers.


Servers are often the face of the customer’s experience with a restaurant. They are the ones that are usually blamed when an order is incorrect, if the food takes a long time to get out to the customers, and they can make or break a customer experience.

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According to a study, 7 out of 10 customers are likely to spend more money at an establishment that delivers great service. Also, after one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that restaurant again. 


With all that to say, an insane amount of pressure is put on the servers to make a good impression on customers. No wonder Redmond felt as though he had to make up an outlandish story to keep the peace with them.

If he didn't lie and admitted to his error, the party probably wouldn't have tipped him at all. At least he got a good reward for his efforts.

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