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Man Faces Backlash For Saying 'Tipping Is Optional' And It's Messed Up To Shame Non-Tippers

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Amir, customer in cafe paying for check

The debate surrounding the ethics of tipping restaurant staff continues.

A man is facing backlash after voicing his opinion on the belief of tipping waiters and waitresses, and how people who routinely don't tip restaurant staff shouldn't be shamed for it.

In a TikTok video, Amir clarified that his opinion is probably an "unpopular" one, but explained that tipping isn't categorized as being mandatory.

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He claims 'tipping is optional' and it's not right to shame non-tippers.

In the video, Amir stitched another TikTok video, where a woman said, "If you do not have money to tip your server, and you go out to eat and don't tip your server, I have zero respect for you."

"This is probably an unpopular opinion, and I'm saying it anyway because I'm annoyed," Amir began. 

He continued, saying that "tipping is optional, whether we like that or not."



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Amir explained his stance, adding that he does usually tip restaurant waitstaff if they "give good service," even if he doesn't have that much money, to begin with.

"Even when I don't have it most of the time, I still give a tip because that's just me."

However, Amir's issue stemmed from the girl whose video he'd stitched, saying that people shouldn't dine in and that she loses respect for people who don't tip.

"For you to say that people shouldn't dine in, and you lose respect for people who don't tip is f-ked up," he remarked, addressing the other TikTok creator's video directly.

Amir pointed out that people should be able to go out to restaurants to enjoy time with family and friends, and only be required to leave a tip if they feel moved to do so.

"They are only obligated to pay for the meals that they are eating, end of story," Amir said. 

He continued, saying that it's a restaurant employer's fault for paying their staff "$5 an hour" and therefore, the employee's fault for "agreeing" to work there. 

"So, if there [are] any issues, the restaurants are more than capable to pay you more and choosing not to."

"We are yelling at the wrong people, and it's f-ked up that you try to make people feel bad if they can't tip, like that's so annoying," he concluded.

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Amir's video received backlash from viewers, who disagreed with his idea of tipping being optional.

While some viewers understood Amir's point of view and sided with him, other users criticized his opinion.

"When going out to eat you're requesting a service ([the] act of doing work for someone}, therefore you should pay for that requested service (tip)," one user wrote.

Another user added, "Servers have to tip out, so when you no tip servers it’s coming out of their pocket. They actually lose money when you [don't] tip."

"If [you] don’t tip then they’re just going to make 20% mandatory eventually as part of [your] bill, I’ve seen places do it. Tip your server!!!" a third user chimed in.

Other users defended Amir's stance, agreeing that customers shouldn't be required to pay for anything other than their food.

"I feel like servers forget tipping is optional not a mandatory requirement," a fourth user remarked, while another added, "tipping control is out of control."

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