DoorDash Driver Criticized After Confronting Customer About Tipping Him $5 On A $20 Order — '$5 Is Enough'

The delivery driver was criticized for being incredibly rude while confronting the customer about the tip amount.

Lacey Purciful, DoorDash driver @ladybug3660 / TikTok

A delivery driver was criticized after trying to confront a customer over a tip amount he felt was low.

In a TikTok video, Lacey Purciful shared footage from her doorbell camera after she had ordered a pizza and was spoken to harshly by the delivery driver about the tip she had left him. Many viewers were quick to point out that the delivery driver went about the confrontation in the wrong way.

The delivery driver confronted Purciful about tipping him $5 on a $20 food order.

From the doorbell camera footage, Purciful was able to catch the moment that she took her food order from the DoorDash driver, Corey, who then voiced his dissatisfaction with the tip amount he was given. 


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Purciful was seen opening her front door as the delivery driver walked up the steps with the pizza she ordered. Upon taking her food from the driver, Purciful politely thanked him while the driver was zipping back up his bag. However, his response was what sparked criticism.



As he was getting ready to leave, Corey boldly commented on the amount of tip money Purciful left him, saying, "I just wanna say, it's a nice house for a $5 tip." Purciful was quiet for a moment before she let out a laugh, clearly taken aback by his brazen comment.


"You're welcome," she responded. Corey apparently wasn't done airing his grievances because as he walked away from the house, he made sure to turn back around and tell Purciful how he really felt. "F--- you," he called out as Purciful slammed her door shut.

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While it can be disheartening as a worker in the food industry to not receive an adequate enough tip, Purciful had left Corey more than 20% of a tip for the delivery, which many viewers agreed was more than enough.

driver complains to customer about 25% tip on deliveryPhoto: TikTok / @ladybug3660


There is also a better way to go about bringing up issues about tipping with a customer without getting aggressive and using vulgar language.

Servers, food delivery drivers, and any other waitstaff should instead approach the customer politely and express their gratitude for their order. If there's a problem with the tip amount, politely mention that you noticed the tip amount and inquire if there was anything unsatisfactory about your service.

Regardless of the outcome or the customer's, food industry workers should always maintain a professional demeanor throughout the conversation. Thank the customer for their time, reiterate your appreciation for their business, and end the conversation on a positive note.

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Many viewers felt the delivery driver was harsh in the way he approached the customer about the tip amount.

"I’m so sorry! I hope you know that most of us that do delivery services really appreciate $5 tips!" one TikTok user shared.


Another user added, "What I hate the most about this is, yes y'all have a beautiful house, but does he [not] know what y'all could possibly [be] going through. Maybe money could be tight."

"You absolutely never know. I hope this didn’t ruin y'all's night!"

A third user pointed out, "$5 is enough. Especially when technically that is more than 20% which is what servers would get."


While it's natural that the DoorDash driver might be disappointed with receiving a low tip, his fault came from not handling the situation professionally and constructively, and instead, cursing and being aggressive with the customer.

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