Woman Catches DoorDash Driver Lying About Her Order To Get A Bigger Tip

Some people will go to great lengths to make a quick buck.

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Ordering through a food delivery service can be a hit or miss depending on two things: the quality of the meal, and the quality of the driver responsible for delivering the meal. In this case, it’s the latter.

A Reddit user revealed a screenshot of texts with a DoorDash driver who lied in order to get an additional tip.

A customer named Laura posted her situation on the “r/doordash” subreddit, where online users post their customer service and food-related experiences with DoorDash.


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The woman received an update from her phone stating that her DoorDash driver went to pick up her order from the convenience store at Wawa.

However, upon checking the contents of the bag, the Dasher claimed that two items had been missing from Laura’s order, so they notified the store to correct their mistake. Seems like a legit and thoughtful dasher; however, it soon became clear this was a scam for a bigger tip.

Texts between a customer and DoorDash driver about a food delivery order.Photo: Reddit


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After thanking the Dasher for her assistance, Laura received a follow-up text from said driver, who attempted to sneak in a request for a larger tip as a result of their good deed.

They wrote, “Any additional tip is GREATLY appreciated! I’m only 7.00 away from making $100 today. [I’ve] never made that much before!!!”

Unfortunately for this DoorDash driver, Laura saw right through their tactics. “Wawa has prepackaged, sealed bags similar to Mcdonald's,” the user pointed out. “Had they actually [forgotten] the milkshake, she would have had to [open] the bag, which is sealed for a reason.”


Whether Laura gave her driver an additional tip is between her and DoorDash, but it's probably safe to assume that this wasn't the case.

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People were stunned by the DoorDash driver’s bold request.

There were dozens and dozens of comments agreeing with the OP that this was unacceptable and wrong. Most replies commented on how out of control tipping culture has gotten.

"I have gone a day without eating before. I never EVER had the balls to ask for an additional tip,” one person wrote. “I tip 20% minimum when I order food delivery,” another user replied. “No one has ever asked me for more, but I'd cancel the whole tip if they did.”


Many even encouraged Laura to give the dasher a one-star review to set them straight and to warn others. Others admitted they wish there was a "take back tip" button on the platform for situations just like this, and some even commented that the Dasher was tip-bragging. One user wrote, "Yeah I agree with everyone here if they tip brag please rate 1 star."

Ultimately, in the wise words of Laura, “If you’re trying to make a living, make it honest.”

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