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Server Fired For Accidentally Spilling Drink On Customer Asks For Empathy For Workers — 'Please Don't Be Really Mean'

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Even the most skilled workers make the occasional mistake on the job. After all, we are only human and it is impossible to be perfect. 

One woman is begging people to understand this and have compassion for hard-working employees after revealing that she was once fired from her job after making an honest mistake that she was left “mortified” from. 

The waitress says that she was fired after accidentally spilling a drink on a customer. 

In a TikTok video, cocktail waitress @hellqueencocktails shared her “mortifying” experience of accidentally spilling a drink on a customer. 

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She stitched her video with one depicting a male server clearing a table, with many colorful half-finished glasses stacked on top of one tray. As he slightly leans over to collect more glasses, the half-full drinks on the tray topple over, soaking a female customer. She shrieks as the cold drinks seep down her back. 

Spilling drinks onto customers happens every now and then to food service workers, and while it is usually an accident, it can cost your job. The cocktail waitress reveals that this was her fate after she made this mistake. 

“I one time got fired for doing this exact thing, except it was white wine,” she shares. 

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She encourages customers to not 'be really mean’ if their server ever accidentally spills a drink on them. 



It is more than likely an accident, and one that they are very embarrassed by. “I promise you that the server is mortified,” the waitress says. 

While acknowledging that the situation can be inconvenient and frustrating for customers, she assures them that the consequences the server will face are so much worse. 

“As horrible as it was, please don’t be like really mean to them,” she begs. “They f–ked up, they might lose their job, you don’t know!” 

“Please just be nice to us!” the waitress reminds potential customers a final time. She recalls that after accidentally spilling a drink on a customer, she was “shaking” and could not even place their waters on the table. 

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Other servers shared their own stories about accidentally drenching customers by spilling drinks in the comments section. 

“I dropped PIPING hot coffee down an elderly man’s back,” one server admitted. “My first job was food service at a nursing home. I spilled soup all over an old woman. She was so sweet about it, but I was 16 and terrified,” another user revealed. 

Thankfully, there are customers out there who won’t throw a fit over a mistake. 

“This happened to my mom and we just felt bad for the waiter we left a big tip,” one TikTok user shared. 

Working in the food industry is difficult enough.

Between unruly customers, long shifts, and juggling food trays, they are the unsung heroes of our society. 

As customers, it is important that we make note of this and do what we can to make their jobs easier, including having the understanding that they are simply doing their best and that spills happen. 

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